What is VLOOKUP in simple words?

What is VLOOKUP in simple words?

VLOOKUP stands for ‘Vertical Lookup’. It is a function that makes Excel search for a certain value in a column (the so called ‘table array’), in order to return a value from a different column in the same row.

What does look up value mean?

A value that LOOKUP searches for in an array. The lookup_value argument can be a number, text, a logical value, or a name or reference that refers to a value. If LOOKUP can’t find the value of lookup_value, it uses the largest value in the array that is less than or equal to lookup_value.

What is Xlookup in Excel?

Use the XLOOKUP function to find things in a table or range by row. With XLOOKUP, you can look in one column for a search term, and return a result from the same row in another column, regardless of which side the return column is on.

How do I fix NA in VLOOKUP?

Solution: Change the VLOOKUP function to look for an exact match. To do that, set the range_lookup argument to FALSE. No sorting is necessary for FALSE.

What is pivot table in simple words?

A Pivot Table is used to summarise, sort, reorganise, group, count, total or average data stored in a table. It allows us to transform columns into rows and rows into columns. It allows grouping by any field (column), and using advanced calculations on them.

Why would you use VLOOKUP?

When you need to find information in a large spreadsheet, or you are always looking for the same kind of information, use the VLOOKUP function. VLOOKUP works a lot like a phone book, where you start with the piece of data you know, like someone’s name, in order to find out what you don’t know, like their phone number.


“Lookup” is a noun that means “the process or instance of looking something up; especially the process of matching by computer the words of a text with material stored in memory” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). “Look up” is a verb. “I’m going to look up the address.”

What is the difference between a LOOKUP and a VLOOKUP?

The LOOKUP function. The function performs a rough match lookup either in a one-row or one-column range and returns the corresponding value from another one-row or one-column range. While VLOOKUP searches for the value in a column, HLOOKUP searches for the value in a row.

How do I know if I have Xlookup?

If you already have Office 365 Home, Personal, or University edition, you already have access to XLOOKUP. All you need to do is join the Office Insider program. To do this, go to the File tab, click on Account and then click on the Office insider option.

What is the alternative for VLOOKUP?

1) INDEX-MATCH: If you don’t have an Office 365 subscription, INDEX-MATCH is your best alternative to VLOOKUP. INDEX formula provides you with the exact location of a cell in a range. By nesting the MATCH formula in INDEX, you can replace VLOOKUP in a much more robust way.

Why is VLOOKUP giving me na when value exists?

The most common cause of the #N/A error is with VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP, or MATCH functions if a formula can’t find a referenced value. For example, your lookup value doesn’t exist in the source data. In this case there is no “Banana” listed in the lookup table, so VLOOKUP returns a #N/A error.

What is purpose of pivot table?

What is the role of pivot table?

Pivot tables are a technique in data processing. They arrange and rearrange (or “pivot”) statistics in order to draw attention to useful information. This leads to finding figures and facts quickly making them integral to data analysis. This ultimately leads to helping businesses or individuals make educated decisions.

What is VLOOKUP and how it works?

VLOOKUP is an Excel function to look up data in a table organized vertically. VLOOKUP supports approximate and exact matching, and wildcards (* ?) for partial matches. Lookup values must appear in the first column of the table passed into VLOOKUP. Lookup a value in a table by matching on the first column.

How do you use look up in a sentence?

seek information from.

  1. Look up the trains to Beijing in the timetable.
  2. They all look up to their teacher.
  3. Occasionally Alice would look up from her books.
  4. I look up to him.
  5. Children should look up to their parents.
  6. I need a boss I can look up to.

How do you use lookup in a sentence?

It can be very difficult to find a free reverse cellular phone lookup . They are committed to genealogical research and have a large archive in Washington D.C. The society offers the Patriot Index Lookup Service on its website.

What are two kinds of lookup functions?

There are two forms of Lookup: Vector and Array. The vector form of the LOOKUP function will search one row or one column of data for a specified value and then get the data from the same position in another row or column.

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