What is the world record for ear hair?

What is the world record for ear hair?

India’s Anthony Victor, a retired school headmaster, has hair sprouting from the centre of his outer ears that measures 18.1 cetimetres (7.12 inches) at its longest point. The record was set in 2007 and remains to this day. Anudita Jain and 2,593 others like this.

Who has the longest ear?

A man in Hawaii has set the world record of having the biggest stretched ear lobes. Guinness World Record holder Kala Kaiwi, whose lobes are over four inches in diameter, claims to fit his fist through them, the Daily Star reported.

What is the longest recorded hair length?

18 feet and 5.54 inches
World’s longest hair recorded is over 18 feet long. Xie Qiuping from China, whose hair was 18 feet and 5.54 inches long when last measured in 2004, currently holds the record for world’s longest documented hair. She has been growing her hair since 1973 from the age of 13.

What is the world record for laughing?

3 hours and 35 minutes
The World Laughter Master, Belachew Girma, is an inspirational Ethiopian laughter therapist. He set up the world’s first government backed National Laughter Day, and Africa’s first school of indigenous laughter. He holds the world record for continuous laughter at 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Who has the longest hand in the world?

Sultan Kösen
The largest hands on a living person belong to Sultan Kösen (Turkey, b. 10 December 1982) who had hands measuring 28.5 cm (11.22 in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger, when last measured on 8 February 2011.

What nationality has the biggest ears?

The African elephant has the biggest ears of any living animal.

Who is the laughter queen of world?

Bharti Singh (born 3 July 1982) is an Indian comedian, and television personality. Singh has created numerous comedy sketch shows as well as has hosted various award shows. She participated in the reality shows Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa (2012), Nach Baliye 8 (2017) and Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 (2019).

Who is the laughter king of India?

Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma started his career with The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2007, he was the in third season and went on to rule the chat show scene with his show Comedy Nights With Kapil, and now, The Kapil Sharma Show.

Who has the fattest fingers in the world?

Akshat Saxena was born with 10 toes on each foot and seven fingers on each hand, making him Guinness world record holder for polydactyly.

Which animal has bigger ears than humans?

(ii) The names of some animals whose ears are bigger than our ears. Answer. (i) Ten animals whose ears can be seen are: dog, cat, elephant, cow, buffalo, rabbit, lion, tiger, horse and monkey. (ii) Animals whose ears are bigger than our ears are: elephant, dog, horse, buffalo, cow, etc.

What animal has the best hearing?

Well, the phrase is extremely accurate! Elephants have some of the best hearing around. They can hear at frequencies 20 times lower than humans. It isn’t just their ears that perceive sound; these majestic beasts also have receptors in their trunks and feet that are excellent at picking up low-frequency vibrations.

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