What is the value of old Coca Cola trays?

What is the value of old Coca Cola trays?

Good condition Value: $350. Mint Condition Value: $950. Dimensions: 10″ Manufactured by: Unknown. 1909 Drink Coca Cola Serving Tray Sold for $392.

How can you tell a fake vintage sign?

6 Materials – One easy way to determine if a sign is authentic and old is to use a magnet on the metal. If it is original, the magnet will stick to the sign since it is steel. If the magnet does not stick, the sign is probably baked on aluminum.

How much is an original Coca Cola bottle worth?

Coke Bottle Values Regular, vintage Coke bottles start at around $10, and anniversary models or special editions can sell for about $30, reports Country Living. Despite their age, many bottles are not especially valuable because there were so many made, according to the Coca-Cola Company.

When did the first Coca Cola tray come out?

History Coca-Cola began issuing serving trays and tip trays in 1897 and most collectors consider the period from 1897-1968 as the “original” era of Coca-Cola trays.

What’s the trademark on a Coca Cola tray?

Coca-Cola Trademark In original trays, the tail of the capital “C” in Coca will have a trademark message that reads “Trade Mark Registered” or “Trade Mark reg. us. pat.off.” or other similar things. Again, many reproductions also include this feature, but often it is crudely done.

Is the back of a Coca Cola tray repro?

The reproductions by Coca Cola will be marked on the back stating they are repros. Some even have bar codes on the back. Even with this list it is hard to define an original from a fake or worked over repro piece.

How to find the value of a Coke tray?

The following six pages cover a majority of the Coke trays and values are based on the average condition tray. Any mint trays will be marked as such. Click on tray to enter value pages.

When did they start making Coca Cola trays?

Since 1897, Coca-Cola has mass produced serving trays under its brand name. American Art Works, Charles W. Shonk Company, the New York Metal Ceiling Company, Tindeco and Stelad Signs all assisted in the production of Coca-Cola merchandise throughout the years.

What to do with a Coca Cola tray?

A reproduction tray can be purchased as a new item to continue use as a serving platter, but most vintage Coca Cola trays are kept in collection to preserve the memory of a very iconic time in history. Which of the Coca-Cola trays are considered vintage?

Where was the 1941 Coca Cola bottle opener made?

Marked, “Made in Canada 1940 By St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd.” lower center edge. 17 1/2 x 57″. Surface exhibits heavy, uniform fade, 1941 Coca-Cola trays. American artwork 1941 Coca-Cola trays. American artwork 1941 Coca-Cola trays. American artwork Bottle openers include Coca-Cola, Kreuger’s Cream Ale, Yuengling, Poplar Club Ginger Ale, and others.

When did Coca Cola advertising lights come out?

LOT OF 2: HANGING COCA-COLA ADVERTISING LIGHTS. … Coca-Cola is a classic, timeless American brand that offers a glimpse into past decades dating back to the late 1800s. Items are always in demand among collectors, and when the iconic red color comes up in an auction it is sure to grab some attention.

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