What is the value of a 2003 Mercedes?

What is the value of a 2003 Mercedes?

2003 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Value – $203-$5,212 | Edmunds.

What Mercedes are collectible?

10 Best Benzes: The fastest, most luxurious, and most beautiful Mercedes-Benz models ever made

  1. 300SL Gullwing (1954 – 1963)
  2. 500E (1991 – 1994)
  3. 540K (1936 – 1940)
  4. 600 Pullman Landaulet (1963 – 1981)
  5. C111-II Prototype (1970)
  6. G-Class (1979 – Present)
  7. 300SEL 6.3 (1968 – 1972)
  8. 280SL “Pagoda” (1967 – 1971)

How much is Mercedes-Benz collection?

Mercedes’ Collection consisted of three tiers: Signature for $1,095 a month, Reserve for $1,595 a month, and Premiere for $2,995 a month. A one-time $495 joining fee is also required.

Are 2003 Mercedes-Benz good cars?

Very reliable car for a daily use No complaints with this car, Is great overall. Great family car and very luxury. Rating breakdown (out of 5): Comfort 5.0.

What is the value of a 2003 Mercedes SL500?

**Figure based on a stock 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500 valued at $16,800 with OH rates with $100/300K liability/UM/UIM limits. Actual costs vary depending on the coverage selected, vehicle condition, state and other factors.

Is the 2003 Mercedes E320 a good car?

it is great reliable and safe driving to me nothing has trouble, very low mileage engine run super great. Rating breakdown (out of 5): Comfort 5.0. Interior design 5.0.

What is the best selling Mercedes-Benz?

The global best-selling model of Mercedes-Benz in 2020 was the GLC with approximately 320,000 units. In 2020, the S-Class was again the best-selling luxury sedan worldwide with about 60,000 units (-17.2%).

What is the most reliable Mercedes ever built?

The most reliable Mercedes-Benz car is the E-Class, according to the Reliability Index.

Do you have to subscribe to Mercedes me?

If you are a new customer or do not yet have a user account, use of Mercedes me ID is compulsory if you want to access all of the available services.

How much does Mbrace cost?

The Mercedes-Benz mbrace starting package costs $280 per year. It features safety, security, convenience, and remote access services that have never been seen before in an automobile.

Are Mercedes e320 reliable?

Reliable little car I have owned 2 of the E-320 Mercedes and think they are great cars overall and were very reliable. These cars have a good amount of power and can overtake well. These cars can go forever if maintained and taken care of and drive like new even over 200k as well as 300k.

How reliable is Mercedes W203?

All W203 engines are fitted with timing chains, which normally don’t have a specified replacement interval. The timing chains in the W203 are generally reliable, with some exceptions, but they will not last forever.

How much does a Mercedes sl500 cost?

(Base) SL 500 2dr Roadster

MSRP $91,300
Engine 5.0L V-8
MPG 16 city / 23 hwy

How much horsepower does a sl500 have?

302 hp @ 5600 rpm
Used 2005 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL500 Specs & Features

Cam type Single overhead cam (sohc)
Cylinders V8
Horsepower 302 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque 339 lb-ft @ 2700 rpm

Is the Mercedes E320 a reliable car?

How reliable is the Mercedes E320?

Mercedes-Benz E320 Ratings Overview The average rating is a 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Which is better car Mercedes or BMW?

While the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is one of the highest performing large luxury sedans on the road today, the overall winner when it comes to luxury performance is BMW. Any consumer looking for style and performance in the same convenient package should choose a vehicle produced by BMW.

Which is the No 1 luxury car in the world?

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class, marketed as ‘The Best Car In The World’, is actually one of the best cars money can buy. The saloon offers high levels of comfort and luxury, while also giving you the social status you need.

Is it worth buying a 10 year old Mercedes?

A 10 year old Mercedes is capable of giving many years of great service, easily in excess of twenty years if well maintained. The reliability of Mercedes, is determined more by condition than age.

What year is the best Mercedes-Benz?

What is the Most Reliable Mercedes Model?

  1. 2008 Mercedes E-Class ($7,500) The 2008 Mercedes-Benz E-class is a superb investment.
  2. 2015 Mercedes GLK-Class ($28,200)
  3. 2010 Mercedes C-Class ($7,700)
  4. 2011 Mercedes CLS ($13,300)
  5. 2012 Mercedes SL ($35,000)

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