What is the performance of mutual funds?

What is the performance of mutual funds?

The benchmark acts as a standard for funds’ performance. If your fund is outperforming the benchmark consistently, it is a sign that the fund is doing well. You can also compare the average return during a specific time frame with its peer funds in the same category.

How do you analyze mutual fund performance?

Step 1: Determine the sector weights for both the fund and the index. Step 2: Calculate the contribution of each sector for the fund by multiplying the sector weight by the sector return. Repeat for the index. Step 3: Calculate the rate of return for the fund by adding the contribution of each sector together.

What is the best performing mutual fund?

Best-performing U.S. equity mutual funds as of April 2021

Symbol Fund Fund performance (5-year return)
DFSVX DFA US Small Cap Value I 12.44%
MSVZX MassMutual Select Small Company Val I 14.34%
ASVDX American Century Small Cap Value R6 17.28%
SCYVX AB Small Cap Value Advisor 13.26%

What affects the performance of a mutual fund?

This performance is affected by the decisions that the fund management team takes, as well as twists and turns in the market, either equity or debt. Fund management teams make best efforts to take the right decisions based on price, quality, risk, financials, news flows and economic developments.

What is a good rate of return for a mutual fund?

For stock mutual funds, a “good” long-term return (annualized, for 10 years or more) is 8%-10%. For bond mutual funds, a good long-term return would be 4%-5%.

What is the average mutual fund return?

If you’re looking into investing in mutual funds, you’ll want a sense of the average return before making any moves. In 2020, mutual funds in seven broad categories have averaged a return of roughly 10%, almost double the average annual return over the past 15 years.

What mutual fund averaged 12 for the 5 years?

A few examples are the AB Growth Fund, the Alger Capital Appreciation Fund, and the American Funds Growth Fund of America.

Which mutual fund is best for 1 year?

Top Performing Funds (based on one year returns)

Category Top Performer 1 yr
Childrens HDFC RSF – Equity Plan – DP (G) 70.80
Conservative Hybrid ABSL Regular Savings Fund (G) 28.40
Contra SBI Contra Fund – Direct (G) 90.70
Dynamic Bond SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund-DP (D) 31.10

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