What is the most common type of climate in Europe Name five countries that have this climate?

What is the most common type of climate in Europe Name five countries that have this climate?

The climate that is most common in Europe is marine west coast. Students could list any five of these countries as having an entirely marine west coast climate: Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Germany.

What kind of vegetation is common in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea Name 3 countries that have this vegetation type?

Around the Mediterranean Sea this vegetation is called macchie, maquis, or garigue; it is known as chaparral in southwestern North America, as Cape flora in southern Africa, and as mallee in southwestern Australia. See also chaparral; maquis; mallee.

What climate is most common above 70 N latitude?

The most common climate above 70 degrees North is tundra. The countries with tundra are: Russia, Norway, and Iceland.

What river runs through the center of Hungary into Serbia and then runs along the border between Romania and Bulgaria?

the Danube
Originating in Germany, the Danube flows southeast for 2,850 km (1,770 mi), passing through or bordering Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine before draining into the Black Sea.

What is the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea?

5,267 m
Mediterranean Sea/Max depth

What is the best latitude to live?

Gentler Coastal areas in latitudes between about from about 30 to 45, would generally be the most comfortable imo. I think western coastal 50 °N.

Does latitude Affect climate?

There is a relationship between latitude and temperature around the world, as temperatures are typically warmer approaching the Equator and cooler approaching the Poles. There are variations, though, as other factors such as elevation, ocean currents, and precipitation affect climate patterns.

What four countries in Europe have the lowest overall population density?

The Nordic states of Iceland, Norway, and Finland all have the lowest population densities of any European country.

Why Vienna is called Queen of the Danube?

With its unique location, scenic riverbank, lively culture and abundance of natural, thermal and mineral water resources, it is also known by many as ‘the Queen of the Danube’.

What is the snowiest country in Europe?

1st Place: Switzerland Although it may come as no surprise, Switzerland appears to be the snow capital of Europe. Namely the mountains just west of Andermatt seem to be the snowiest places in the alps with about 2000mm of precipitation per year. That’s 20m of snow each year (if it was cold year around).

What are the 6 types of climates?

There are six main climate regions: tropical rainy, dry, temperate marine, temperate continental, polar, and highlands.

What are the 5 Mediterranean climates?

Mediterranean-type ecosystems (MTEs), with their characteristic and unique climatic regimes of mild wet winters and warm and dry summers, occur in just five regions of the world: California; Central Chile; the Mediterranean Basin; the Cape Region of South Africa; and Southwestern and South Australia.

Why is Mediterranean Sea so blue?

Why is the Mediterranean so perfectly blue in colour? It is lacking in a number of nutrients that lead to plant growth in other seas and oceans (causing that more familiar green-brown colour that is so unattractive), and as such it retains its wonderful blue hue.

Is it safe to swim in the Mediterranean sea?

Is it safe to swim in the Mediterranean Sea? Generally speaking – yes! The Mediterranean Sea is actually up there with the safest seas in the world. Calmer waters and protected bays mean the currents are rarely what they are with the open Atlantic Ocean over in Portugal or on France’s west coast.

Which four European countries have the lowest population density?

What kind of vegetation grows in Mediterranean climates?

The Mediterranean vegetation is dominated by evergreen shrubs and sclerophyllous trees adapted to the distinctive climatic regime of summer drought and cool moist winters with only sporadic frost.

Does Latitude Affect climate?

1. Latitude or distance from the equator – Temperatures drop the further an area is from the equator due to the curvature of the earth. As a result, more energy is lost and temperatures are cooler. …

What are the 5 most densely populated countries?

Macao, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Gibraltar are the five most densely populated.

Which country has the highest immigration rate in Europe?

In 2020 Germany had the highest net migration figures in Europe at over 543 thousand people, while Romania had the lowest with negative net-migration figure of almost 74 thousand.

What kind of vegetation does the Netherlands have?

The effects of elevation are negligible. Vegetation from coastal sand dunes, muddy coastal areas, slightly brackish lakes, and river deltas is especially scarce in the surrounding countries. Lakes, marshes, peatland, woods, heaths, and agricultural areas determine the general floral species.

Which is the most diverse region of the UK?

DNA of the nation revealed…and we’re not as ‘British’ as we think. The genetic make-up of the nation has been revealed – with Yorkshire proven to be the most ‘British’ region in the UK, while London is the most ethnically diverse and the East Midlands the most Scandinavian region in the UK.

Why was the north of the Netherlands covered in Moraine?

After this period, a large area in the north of what is now the Netherlands was left covered by moraine (glacial accumulation of earth and rock debris). In the centre and south, the Rhine and Maas rivers unloaded thick layers of silt and gravel transported from the European mountain chains. Later]

Which is the country located in northwestern Europe?

Alternative Titles: Holland, Kingdom of The Netherlands, Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, Nederland Netherlands, country located in northwestern Europe, also known as Holland.

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