What is the difference in Johnnie Walker labels?

What is the difference in Johnnie Walker labels?

The main differences between the Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label are its blend. The Johnnie Walker Red Label is an 80 proof blend of 35 grain and malt whiskeys, while the Johnnie Walker Black Label is an 80 proof blend of 12-year-old 40 whiskeys. The Johnnie Walker Red Label is clear amber in color.

What are the levels of black label?

The Hierarchy of Johnnie

  • Black Label. The black label is described with hidden depths.
  • Green Label. This Scotch has a rich blend of only malts making it distinctively different.
  • Gold Label Reserve. This is a luxurious and indulgent Scotch.
  • Blue Label. The Blue Label is a masterpiece Scotch.

What is the highest level Johnnie Walker?

Johnnie Walker Blue: The most exceptional and rarest whiskies in the world have been selected to make the Blue Label, which is also the most exceptional of all the Scotch Whiskies bearing the Johnnie Walker Colors.

Which of the Johnnie Walker label is the most premium?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Johnnie Walker Blue Label The Blue Label is the most expensive product sold under the Johnnie Walker name. As with all of the whiskies under this brand, this is a blend of several different whiskies with different ages and from different distilleries.

Why is Johnnie Walker Blue Label so expensive?

Why is the Johnnie Walker Blue label so expensive? Johnnie Walker Blue label is expensive because of the rarity of the scotches that make up the blend. The quality is incredibly high. Only 1 in 10,000 casks are considered good enough by the brand to merit the Blue label.

Which is better Green Label or Gold Label?

There is very little smoke at all in Green label. It is made with malt whisky only and has a sweeter more honied flavour profile and is exceptionally smooth. Gold label was also introduced in 1997, and although had no age statement, the whiskies are around the eighteen year mark.

Which Johnnie Walker is the smoothest?

Johnnie Walker Gold, a blend of 15 whiskies, is the ideal smooth whisky to sip slowly in the evening, preferably in a tuxedo. It errs on the side of sweet with vanilla and caramel flavours as well as honey notes. The Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is more of a luxury Scotch.

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