What is not to?

What is not to?

—used to say that something did not exist or repeatedly happen in the past but exists or happens now.

What is not to get?

‘What’s not to get?’ means ‘What is there not to understand?’ The answer to that question could very well be: ‘I don’t understand you.

What’s not to love about you?

It’s a variation on the older phrase, “what’s not to like”. The question is rhetorical, it’s a different way of saying that you can’t think of a reason why anybody would not love/like X; there is nothing not to love/like about it. At least that’s what the literal meaning is. The ‘what’s not to love?’

What does whats not to love mean?

: : : : This phrase is a sarcastic way of saying that something has no good features. It may have begun as a form of praise, but I always hear it used to mean the opposite. (” Big deal!”

Is to not or is not to?

“not to” can be used as an elipsis. I am trying not to [do something]. “to not” is used as a split infinitive, and a verb is always expected after “not”. This use of a split infinitive, however, is frowned upon.

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