What is mixed farming in agriculture?

What is mixed farming in agriculture?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ˌmixed ˈfarming noun [uncountable] a system of farming in which you grow crops and keep animalsExamples from the Corpusmixed farming• Where the clays gave way to the lighter soils of the Stone Belt, considerable areas of mixed farming remained.

What is mixed farming class 9?

Mixed cropping: This approach of growing crops involves growing two or more crops concurrently on the same land. It involves giving away some insurance against failure of one of the crops. For example, wheat and gram, wheat and mustard, sunflower and ground nut, etc. 2.

What is mixed farming give answer?

Mixed farming is an agricultural system in which a farmer conducts different agricultural practice together, such as cash crops and livestock. The aim is to increase income through different sources and to complement land and labour demands across the year.

Why is mixed farming important?

Mixed farming systems provide farmers with an opportunity to diversify risk from single crop production, to use labour more efficiently, to have a source of cash for purchasing farm inputs and to add value to crops or crop by-products.

What are the characteristics of mixed farming?

The main characteristics of the mixed farming are that farms produce both crops and livestock and the two enterprises are interwoven and integrated. The grass is an important crop of mixed farming system, occupying at least 20 per cent of the cultivated land.

What are the positive and negative effects of mixed farming?


  • It reduces the risk of crop failure due to environmental stress.
  • Pest infestation of crops is greatly reduced.
  • It increases soil fertility.
  • It increases the yield of both the crops due to complementary effect of each crop.

What are the example of mixed farming?

The cultivation of crops alongside the rearing of animals for meat or eggs or milk defines mixed farming. For example, a mixed farm may grow cereal crops such as wheat or rye and also keep cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry. Often the dung from the cattle serves to fertilize the cereal crops.

What are three characteristics of mixed farming?

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