What is farm mechanization in Pakistan?

What is farm mechanization in Pakistan?

Being an agrarian country, mechanization can be called as back bone of Pakistan’s economy as it optimizes the use of biological, chemical and hydrological inputs.

Which agriculture is most profitable Pakistan?

The most demanding and profitable agricultural business in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Agricultural farming.
  • Herb growing and herbal medicines.
  • Vegetable production.
  • Feed crop, dairy, poultry, and fish farming.
  • Honey and seeds production.
  • Florist business.
  • Nursery operation.
  • Livestock, production of milk, meat, and wool, etc.

What is the impact of mechanization in Pakistan?

In this context, farm mechanization has helped in increasing the cultivated area and yield of major crops like wheat, rice and maize to 0.4%, 10.4% and 27.3%, respectively, by bringing barren land under cultivation (GOP, 2006). Pakistan has a very rapidly increasing population of about 166.5 million (GOP, 2010).

Which farming is highly mechanized?

Justify. Extensive farming is higly mechanized since such farming is carried out in very large farms. Human and animal labour would not be sufficient to carry out farming in such large farms.

What is Pakistan’s largest industry?

Cotton textile production and apparel manufacturing are Pakistan’s largest industries, accounting for about 65% of the merchandise exports and almost 40% of the employed labour force. Cotton and cotton-based products account for 61% of export earnings of Pakistan.

What is the importance of agricultural mechanization?

Improvements in Agricultural Technology The use of mechanized irrigation has immensely improved crop production. It is a better way to ensure crops are supplied with enough water and plant nutrients when needed. The creation of ridges and beds are much accurately done with mechanization.

How farm mechanization changed the productivity of farming?

Mechanization is a crucial input for agricultural crop production and one that historically has been neglected in the context of developing countries. Applying new technologies that are environmentally friendly enables farmers to produce crops more efficiently by using less power.

How much maximum power a strong man can develops for doing farm work?

A strong man can develop maximum power of about 75 watts (about 0.1 hp) for doing farm work. 2. Draught Animals: Power availability from draught animals is related to its body weight.

What are disadvantages of mechanization?

Disadvantages Of Farm Mechanization

  • High cost.
  • Displacement of workers.
  • Compaction of soil.
  • It causes environmental pollution.
  • Degradation of landscape.
  • Land tenure system.
  • Destruction of soil structure.
  • Redundancy of farm labour.

Is Pakistan a 3rd world country?

Pakistan shows significant progress in all economic areas except labor. In the composite index, Pakistan has sound economic status in the 3rd world. In the aggregate socioeconomic index of development, Pakistan has the strongest position in the 3rd world.

What are the effects of mechanization of agriculture?

Mechanised farming has resulted in better tillage, more timely and more economic seeding, a reduction in harvest losses, and a substantial increase in yields. More land has been brought under cultivation, and there has been an increase in the area of the principal crops and apparently a trend towards specialisation.

Agricultural mechanization plays a strategic role in improving agricultural production and productivity in developing countries. The thrasher’s market in Pakistan is estimated at 20,000-30,000 units annually by sales resulting in nearly 100% mechanized threshing operation for cereal crops.

Mechanised agriculture is the process of using agricultural machinery to mechanise the work of agriculture, greatly increasing farm worker productivity. In modern times, powered machinery has replaced many farm jobs formerly carried out by manual labour or by working animals such as oxen, horses and mules.

What are the problems of agricultural mechanization?


  • Land tenure system: The types of land ownership in Nigeria do not allow the use of farm machines.
  • Poverty of farmers: Some farmers are poor and cannot afford to own farm machines.
  • Inadequate machines and facilities: Are not enough where they are available.

Mechanization moves you from subsistence agriculture to commercial. With the intensity and the level of production, mechanization reduces cost and improves efficiency. These are key to a successful commercial farm.

Which business is most profitable Pakistan?

Most Profitable Business in Pakistan

  • 1) Information Technology.
  • 2) Industrial and Manufacturing.
  • 3) Trading (Import and Export)
  • 4) Retail Industry.
  • 5) Agriculture.
  • 6) Solar Energy Production Company.
  • 7) Local Tourism Company.
  • 8) Real Estate Brokering.

Disadvantages of Mechanization in office

  • Heavy Investment. The initial cost of a machine is high.
  • Waste. An idle machine is a waste.
  • Retrenchment Problem.
  • No Trained Staff.
  • Increase Cost of Operation.
  • No Power No Work.
  • Break Down of Machine.
  • Set Right the Machines.

How did mechanised agriculture change the work of farmers?

Mechanised agriculture is the process of using agricultural machinery to mechanise the work of agriculture, greatly increasing farm worker productivity. In modern times, powered machinery has replaced many farm jobs formerly carried out by manual labour or by working animals such as oxen, horses and mules .

How is mechanised agriculture bad for the environment?

Mechanised agriculture. Besides improving production efficiency, mechanisation encourages large scale production and sometimes can improve the quality of farm produce. On the other hand, it can displace unskilled farm labour and can cause environmental degradation (such as pollution, deforestation, and soil erosion ),…

What’s the difference between factory farming and small scale farming?

Most small-scale farms run on a small property with a very tight budget and no to little Machinery. Factory farming turns this completely around. The Property used for the crop production is enormous, the money managed within these farms often surpasses 1000000$ and very little work is done manually.

How much money can a small scale farm make?

Small-scale farming is closely tied with more sustainable agricultural methods including Hobby, organic, biodynamic and permacultural (etc.) farms. According to the USDA, a small-scale farm produces between 1000$-250000$ each year in agricultural products.

How does mechanization make farming more profitable for farmers?

Promotion and adoption of appropriate, cost-effective, and modern agricultural machinery and equipment is expected to enhance farm productivity and efficiency. Farm mechanization can also help achieve food security in the country, and eventually increase the income of the farmers.

Why is there no mechanization of Agriculture in India?

Mechanisation has no scope in India because of the extremely small size of holdings which arc between 3 and 12 acres. Even these small holdings are not found together but scattered over the village in tiny bits. A tractor cannot be used to plough a quarter of an acre plot.

What are the two types of mechanization of Agriculture?

“Broadly speaking mechanization of agriculture has two forms mobile mechanization and the stationary types of mechanization.

How does Kubota NSPU 68cmd make farming more profitable?

For using the Kubota NSPU-68CMD Rice Transplanter, he says the spaces between hills can become more even due to the equipment’s seedling carrying capacity, hill spacing, and planting depth control mechanisms – which are all adjustable to conform to his requirements or of the farmers.

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