What is an example of extensive subsistence agriculture?

What is an example of extensive subsistence agriculture?

Subsistence so used for themselves or extras to the market for example. Sometimes is the production of many crops in one field because it is subsistence. The most extensive land use, this falls under extensive subsistence agriculture. Asian desert areas, sahara etc with camels, yaks, sheeps, goats, etc.

What are the two types of extensive farming?

Subsistence farming and intenstive farming.

What is extensive system in agriculture?

Extensive livestock production is an animal farming system characterised by a low productivity per animal and per surface. It uses small amounts of inputs, capital, and labour compared to the farmed land area. The pastoralism concept is often associated with extensive livestock production.

Where is extensive farming used?

Location. Intensive farming or agriculture practices are usually performed in areas of higher population density. By contrast, extensive farming is typically performed in areas of lower population density, because cost of land decreases the further away from urban areas one goes.

What are the features of extensive farming?

Extensive Farming # Characteristic Features:

  • Larger farm size: Farm size in extensive farming are very large, often exceeding 250 hectares.
  • Low intensity of labour:
  • Emphasis on mono-cropping’s:
  • Low production per unit of land:
  • Huge surplus:

    What are the three main features of extensive farming?

    What are the three features of agriculture?

    (i) Indian Agriculture is mainly of intensive subsistence type.

    • (ii) It is mainly practised in areas of high population pressure on land.
    • (iii) It is labour intensive farming where high doses of biochemical inputs and irrigation are used for obtaining high yields.

    What are the advantages of extensive farming?

    Extensive farming’s advantages is that it requires less labor and it permits production on land not well suited to other farming methods (rocky, hilly, depleted soil, &c.). The disadvantages are that it has a low yield per acre and limitation on the crops that can be raised.

    What is the main features of agriculture?

    Predominance of food crops: Since Indian agriculture has to feed a large population, production of food crops is the first priority of the farmers almost everywhere in the country. More than two-thirds of the total cropped area is devoted to the cultivation of food crops.

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