What is a hay baler accident?

What is a hay baler accident?

Many hay baler accidents involve crushing or suffocation by the massive size of the bail when it is released from the equipment or moved into storage improperly. Rollover Accident – The weight, size and configuration of large hay bales can easily tip a tractor to the point of rolling over.

What is a baler used for?

What is a baler? Balers are used for baling recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal for bulk pickup. These machines compress the recyclables into compact bales, which can be easily stacked and transported for recycling.

Which cut of hay is best?

The most common choice of hay is second cutting, but first cutting is also good for horses, plus it is usually cheaper than the other two. Choose hay that is soft, green, and leafy, with thin stems, so it is easier for horses to eat.

How does a baler work?

The round baler picks the hay from the ground and feeds it into the bale chamber. As extra hay is picked up and drawn into the baling system, the bale becomes spherical and fills the bale chamber. The hay exerts pressure upon the belts, that is in turn monitored by way of the hydraulic system.

Which is not agriculture tool?

Answer: Plumbline is a the object that is not implemented in agriculture. Explanation: Among the given options, plumbline is the tool that has no application in the field of agriculture.

How can you tell good hay?

Evaluating hay quality

  1. Maturity – High quality hay will have a high proportion of leaves in the bale, with few or no coarse stems or seed heads.
  2. Condition – High quality hay will contain little dust or mold.
  3. Color & odor – High quality hay generally has a bright green color and a sweet, fresh odor.

How can you tell how old hay is?

Hay should be a greenish color. If you see hay that more resembles the color of straw, then it may be old or have been bleached by sun. Keep an eye out for areas which are much lighter than the color of the rest of the bale.

What do farmers use hay bales for?

In many parts of the world, farmers depend on hay to feed their cattle, sheep, or horses during the long winter period. In periods of drought, hay can also be used to feed animals when normal grazing is not enough. Many farmers specialize in growing hay that they sell to other farmers in their region.

Can you make money with hay?

“If you are getting $125 per ton for quality hay, you are going to see a profit of $51 per ton, or $204 per acre. “The potential is there to make some pretty good money on hay.” Brown says producers could decide to grow higher-quality hay and sell into the dairy or specialty hay markets.

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