What drink starts with the letter L?

What drink starts with the letter L?

Drinks That Start With L

  • Latte.
  • Lemonade.
  • Limeade.
  • Lemon Soda.
  • Lime Juice.
  • Lipton Ice Tea.
  • Lactaid.
  • Lychee Smoothie.

What are animals that start with the letter J?

20 animals that start with J

  • Jaguar.
  • Jackal.
  • Jackrabbit.
  • Jay.
  • Jellyfish.
  • Jabiru.
  • Jaguarundi.
  • Jerboa.

What place starts with Z?

Cities Starting with Z

City Population Country
Zahedan 551,980 Iran
Zhuhai 501,199 China
Zunyi 466,292 China
Zamboanga 457,623 Philippines

What is a place that starts with L?

Cities Starting with L

City Population Country
Lima 7,737,002 Peru
London 7,556,900 United Kingdom
Lahore 6,310,888 Pakistan
Los Angeles 3,971,883 United States

What snacks start with the letter J?


  • Juice.
  • Juice Pops.
  • Jam.
  • Jam Muffins.
  • Jalapeno Muffins.

    What food starts with J?

    20 Foods That Begin With The Letter J

    • Jaboticaba.
    • Jackfruit.
    • Jalapeno.
    • Jam.
    • Jambalaya.
    • Japanese Plum.
    • Java.
    • Jello.

    What’s a fruit that starts with Z?

    1 – Zucchini Fruit: Zucchini, you might think of it as a vegetable because of its mild flavor and sturdy flesh, is a fruit that begins with Z – scientifically speaking. Zucchini emerges from plant’s flowers.

    What is a food that starts with an F?

    Foods that Start with F: Our List of 59

    • 1 1. Fennel.
    • 2 2. Falafel.
    • 3 3. Focaccia.
    • 4 4. Fasnacht.
    • 5 5. Fava Beans.
    • 6 6. Feta.
    • 7 7. Figs.
    • 8 8. Frittata.

    What color starts with Z?

    Colors that start with Z – SpyColor.com

    # Hex Color name
    1 #0014a8 Zaffre
    2 #2c1608 Zinnwaldite Brown
    3 #39a78e Zomp

    What country has 5 words in its name?

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has five words and four bonus words. Some examples are: India, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Chile, Gabon, Congo, Ghana, Benin, Qatar, China, Nepal, Japan, etc.

    What drinks are called spirits?

    The Oxford Dictionary defines spirit as a “strong distilled liquor such as brandy, whiskey, gin, or rum.” Merriam-Webster gets more specific by defining a spirit as “the liquid containing ethyl alcohol and water that is distilled from an alcoholic liquid or mash — often used in plural.”

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