What does TMK mean on Hummels?

What does TMK mean on Hummels?

What does TMK Stand For? When you see TMK on a Hummel listing, it refers to the name of the Mark stamped on the figure. So, for example… TMK-2 refers to the mark with a FULL Bee (dated 1940-1959) While TMK-3 refers to a Stylized Bee (dated 1960-1972)

How can you tell when a Hummel figurine was made?

Goebel mark: The Goebel mark appears on the bottom of each figurine can indicate when it was made. The chart on the left offers a look at each stamp and what is the date of manufacture. Hummel mark: Beside the Goebel mark, there is also a mold number on the bottom of vintage,…

How do you understand the Hummel numbering system?

How to Understand the Hummel Numbering System. Hummel figurines can have a variety of numbers on the bottom. Each number refers to specific information about that figurine. In this article I will explain what each number is used for and what information this number refers to.

How to identify Goebel and Hummel marks of authenticity?

Identifying Hummel and Goebel Marks of Authenticity 1 First Step to Verifying a Hummel Figurine. 2 Timeline of the Goebel and Hummel Marks. 3 Authentication Using the Hummel Numbering System. 4 Beware of Imitation Marks. 5 Adjacent Hummel Figurines. 6 When in Doubt, Seek an Expert. …

What are the numbers on a Hummel Apple Tree Girl figurine?

I have found what a Hummel figurine with a very small label on the rim “Apple Tree Girl”. It has a backstamp with the numbers 141/1 (or 7) and the “V” with the bee inside. This has a slightly embedded circle around it. Beside this “V” are the words: “Western Germany”. I can’t find anything to help me date this or put a value on it.

What Hummels are rare?

The ‘Apple Tree Boy’ Hummel figurine is one of the more rare Hummels to find today within the collection. The young boy wears a blue jacket and red cap and is perched on the bow of a tree.

Are any Hummels valuable?

Hummel figurines are highly sought after by collectors with several models valued at hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per piece. Pieces such as “For Father”, “Apple Tree Girl”, “Globe Trotter”, “Little Goat Herder”, and “Going to Grandmas” are good examples of valuable collectibles.

Are Hummels collectible?

Most used Hummels now sell for no more than $75 in shops, with prices likely to continue to fall as more Hummels reach the market. Other cute little figurines have suffered a similar fate. Precious Moments figurines, sold as collectibles, now have very little monetary value.

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