What does specialized agriculture mean?

What does specialized agriculture mean?

Specialized Agriculture is when you can only grow crops in a certain area because every crop requires a different type of climate condition that is only available in certain places.

What is composite farming?

Composite farming systems, first clearly identified by Rambo, are those in which radically different technologies are found together in a single farming complex.

Which farming is highly specialized?

Plantation agriculture is a form of commercial farming where crops are grown for profit. Usually, only one type of crop is grown in a plantation. Common examples include rubber, coffee, tea, bananas, sugar cane, oil palm, cocoa and tobacco.

What is the importance of composite fish farming?

An advantage of composite fish culture is that it increases the yield of fish. Nearly, five or six different species are grown together in a single fish pond. The survival rate of fish increases and their yield also increases without affecting the other species.

What is composite fish culture?

Composite fish culture is a most popular technique to obtain maximum yield of fish from a pond/reservoir. The technology involves employment of compatible and non-competing fish culture through utilisation of different feeding zones of the pond or reservoir, resulting maximum production of fish per unit area of water.

What are the advantages of specialized farming?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Specialized Farming

  • Better use of land: More profitable to grow crops on land best suited to it.
  • Better marketing: it allows grading, processing, storing, transporting and financing the produce.
  • Less equipment and labour.

What is advantage of composite fish culture?

What is composite fish culture what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Composite fish culture is the method to culture five or six species, both indegenous and exotic, together in a single fish pond. Some of the Advantages of composite fish culture include: 1) Various species of fishes are cultured altogether. 2) Ensures complete utilization of food in pond. 3) Increase in fish yield.

What are the specialized areas of agriculture?

Agricultural Science Major: Areas of Specialization

  • Horticulture and Agronomy.
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.
  • Equine Science.
  • Agricultural Business.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of specialized farming?

    Why is rice farming specialized farming?

    Rice is cultivated differently than other grains because it is a semi-aquatic plant that requires consistent irrigation all season to grow. Heavy clay and silt loam soils that are often ill-suited to other crops retain water very well, making them perfect for rice.

    What is meant by integrated farming?

    Integrated Farming combines the best of modern tools and technologies with traditional practices according to a given site and situation. In simple words, it means using many ways of cultivation in a small space or land.

    What type of farming is rice farming?

    RICE FARMING IS LABOR-INTENSIVE Rice is one of the most labor-intensive crops that is grown because of the water usage. Rice plants take around 120 days to grow from seeds to mature plants. Farmers then have to flood the rice fields because rice has better growth and produces higher yields when grown in flooded soils.

    Which is the best definition of specialized agriculture?

    WHAT IS SPECIALIZED AGRICULTURE. Specialized Agriculture is when you can only grow crops in a certain area because every crop requires a different type of climate condition that is only available in certain places.

    What’s the difference between specialized farming and diversified farming?

    However difference lies in income contributed by sectors. When 50% or more income is contributed by single sector it is called specialized farming. If no single enterprise provides income greater than or equal to 50% it is called diversified farming.

    What is the definition of a specialized industry?

    Specialized industry. A specialized industry is a distinct market that has a unique way of accounting for transactions and reporting its financial results. These differences are allowed under the applicable accounting framework, such as IFRS or GAAP.

    Which is the best definition of precision farming?

    1. Precision Farming Precision farming, or precision agriculture, is an umbrella concept for IoT-based approaches that make farming more controlled and accurate. In simple words, plants and cattle get precisely the treatment they need, determined by machines with superhuman accuracy.

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