What does neutralizing shampoo do to the hair?

What does neutralizing shampoo do to the hair?

The main reason for using a neutralizing shampoo is to restore the natural pH balance of your hair. That’s why it’s often used on relaxed hair and other chemical treatments like coloring. A relaxing treatment elevates the pH level of the hair to break down stubborn curls into pin-straight hair.

Can you use neutralizing shampoo on colored hair?

Yes it is ok to use. A neutralizing shampoo will bring your hair back to its natural pH balance. It will also close the hair’s cuticle and help remove the color from the hair. It’s not a necessary step, but it’s completely fine unless stated otherwise on your color.

Do you have to use a neutralizing shampoo after a relaxer?

If you are relaxing your hair at home it’s imperative that you make sure to remove all of the relaxer from your hair. This means that to be on the safe side you must thoroughly shampoo your hair 3-4 times. It does not have to be a neutralizing shampoo, it’s the water that really does the “neutralizing”.

How can I neutralize my hair without neutralizing shampoo?

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is one of the best “natural” neutralizers. Just use 1 part ACV to 2-3 parts water (or see my article on ACV rinses for specifics). Apply to your hair and let it sit for a while, then rinse. You may want to do this twice, just to make sure.

How often should you use neutralizing shampoo?

Once the hair is relaxed, it raises the pH of the hair so neutralizing it allows it to brought back to normal. It is important that your hair is shampooed with the neutralizing shampoo a minimum of two times. After that you can use your normal moisturizing shampoo or one of your choice and it will not damage your hair.

When should you wash your hair after relaxing it?

You can technically wash your hair the day after getting a relaxer. However, if you want to ensure that your hair has time to adjust to the chemical treatment, you should wait at least a week before washing. This is the best way to make sure your relaxer lasts.

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