What does Marcus McMillan of grasons do for estate sales?

What does Marcus McMillan of grasons do for estate sales?

Marcus McMillan of Grasons checks under a table for a brand name as he helps ready an estate sale. Proper staging is important to maximize an estate sale, and it’s different from staging a house for a sale.

How is an estate sale supposed to work?

How An Estate Sale Works 1 Types of Estate Sale Merchandise. Estate sales are often overflowing with furniture, home furnishings, and assorted household items. 2 Estate Sale Pricing Techniques. Estate sale pricing is conducted by the estate sale organizer, who prices most items based on their market value. 3 After The Sale. …

Who are the owners of grasons estate sale services?

Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services franchise co-owner Nick Wilder is reflected in a glass frame as he prepares a Ladera Ranch home. Items are displayed and tagged for a recent estate sale at a Ladera Ranch house. Simone Kelly, founder of Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services, talks with Joseph Molina, left, and Bobby Lewis.

What happens if you have too many things in your house for sale?

Too many items laid out in one place, and the buyers will look right past the furniture, which also must be seen and sold. “There’s a delicate balance between staging as though the house is for sale, and staging so the items are for sale,” said Nick Wilder, Stirone’s partner. There are subtle differences, too.

Can You price items at an estate sale?

The items at an estate sale should never be priced equal to retail, current online sales prices, or even what they can be purchased for at an antique shop. If there are items at an estate sale that are rare or highly desirable in the current market, you may be able to price the item at a higher than normal asking price.

Can you sell your underwear at an estate sale?

This usually involves the title and consent from the owner to liquidate the vehicle as part of the estate sale. If the vehicle is being sold on the behalf of a deceased loved one, special rules and forms apply. Underwear – sell it! Believe it or not people will buy your underwear!

Can you sell used baby clothes at an estate sale?

Used/Retired Baby Gear – toss it! Used baby items can be sold to a limited extent. For example, antique cribs are popular for collectors and used clothing is a great way for a new family to save money. However, the line is drawn at items used to ensure the safety of the child.

Can a gun be sold at an estate sale?

Depending on the type of weapon and the state you live in, yes! Each state has a different set of laws and requirements when it comes to dealing firearms so make sure to double check with your local police department or sheriff’s office before you proceed.

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