What Colour does Stacey Solomon have?

What Colour does Stacey Solomon have?

Back in November, the former X Factor star switched up her blonde tresses to copper red and her Instagram fans went wild. It was such a drastic change that at the time, she admitted that she felt nervous unveiling her new look. Clearly, Stacey had nothing to worry about though, we all love her spicy tresses.

What is Stacey Solomon’s natural hair Colour?

The naturally brunette star, who has recently been proudly showing off her grey hairs on Instagram, has opted to go for a change with a balayage vivid shade of red. Taking to Instagram Stories to document the whole process, Stacey shows herself first in foils getting a few highlights put in.

How do I contact Stacey Solomon?

Get Me Out Of Here!: Extra Camp, alongside Joe Swash, Vicky Pattison and Chris Ramsey. Stacey makes an ideal choice for a Guest Appearance or as an Awards Host. To book her for your Event, call Prime Performers on 020 7251 8222 to discuss your requirements or contact us via the online booking enquiry form.

How tall is Joe Swash?

1.72 m
Joe Swash/Height

How often does Stacey Solomon wash her hair?

STACEY Solomon has revealed that she only washes her hair ONCE a week – but feels “so much better” when she finally cleans it.

Is Stacey Solomon hair colour certified by law?

Sausage described themselves as “regular” and “no-nonsense”. Her two lies and a truth were: her hair colour is certified by law; someone told her she looks like a pop star and sounds like a pop star; she owes her career to a horse.

What hair color is copper?

Copper hair is a blend of red and bronze colors and because there is no natural tone a copper hair dye is needed to achieve it. Copper is one of the most popular red hair colors for women right now. There are different shades of copper hair, including soft strawberry, deep ginger to copper penny.

Who’s Stacey Solomon with?

Joe Swash
Solomon has been with her partner, Joe Swash, since 2015. On 24 December 2020, Solomon announced her engagement to Swash on her Instagram page.

Who is Stacey Solomon’s husband?

Stacey Solomon pushes wedding to Joe Swash back after announcing she’s pregnant. Stacey Solomon has confirmed she is pushing her wedding to Joe Swash back after the couple announced they were expecting their second baby together.

How tall is Stacey Solomon in Ft?

1.73 m
Stacey Solomon/Height

Who has Joe Swash got a child with?

Harry Swash
Rex Toby Francis Swash
Joe Swash/Children

Is Stacey Solomon eat meat?

What does Stacey Solomon eat for dinner? Supper at the Solomon-Swash residence is a hearty affair, with wholesome English meals on the table. In one of her Instagram posts, Stacey shared a photo of a roast dinner she cooked by herself featuring Yorkshire puddings, sliced meat, roast potatoes and stuffing.

Does Stacey Solomon have pink toolbox?

The Loose Women star said the space makes her “so happy” Stacey Solomon has long been known for her organisational skills, but she’s taken it to the next level with her cleaning cupboard, which is entirely comprised of pink products – from cloths to laundry detergent.

Who did Stacey Solomon have a baby with?

Solomon has three children and one step-child, all of which are boys. Prior to her stint on X Factor in 2009, where she came third, she had her first son, Zachary, 12. Solomon now also has a son Leighton, nine, and one son to fiance Joe Swash, two-year-old Rex.

Who are Stacey Solomon’s parents?

Fiona Solomon
David Solomon
Stacey Solomon/Parents

Who is the father of STACEY Solomon baby?

Stacey fell pregnant with youngest Zach when she was 17-years-old with her boyfriend at the time Dean Cox, however the couple broke up before she gave birth. She shares her second son Leighton, eight, with her ex fiancé Aaron Barham, and gave birth to little Rex back in 2019 with fiancé Joe Swash.

Why did STACEY Solomon cancel wedding?

STACEY Solomon has postponed her wedding to Joe Swash because they want their unborn baby to be there. The Loose Women star shared her exciting baby news with fans yesterday – revealing they had been trying “for a long time” and she shared a letter, which stated she had suffered a miscarriage.

How tall is Sheridan Smith in feet?

1.57 m
Sheridan Smith/Height

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