What can you do in the summer without a pool?

What can you do in the summer without a pool?

7 Ways to Get Soaked Without a Pool

  1. Beach Ball Bull’s-Eye. In this carnival-style shooter game, each player gets a beach ball and a fully loaded water gun.
  2. Sunken Treasure.
  3. Soggy Potato.
  4. Wet Freeze Tag.
  5. Laundry Relay.
  6. Back-to-Back Balloons.
  7. Splish-Splash Sponge.

How can I make my backyard fun without a pool?

10 Fun Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Water Park

  1. More Slip, More Slide. 1/10.
  2. Water Balloon Piñata. 2/10.
  3. Ocean to Go. 3/10.
  4. Water Arms Race. 4/10.
  5. Water Balloon Dodgeball. 5/10.
  6. H2O-me Run. 6/10.
  7. Get Your Head in the Game. 7/10.
  8. Eco-Friendly Water Bombs. 8/10.

What do you do with a hose in the summer?

Cool Hose Activities and Fun Backyard Water Games to Play This Summer

  1. DIY Water Slide. All you need for this water game is a camping tarp, a gardening hose, and some shampoo.
  2. Water Balloon Dodgeball.
  3. Noodle Sprinkler.
  4. Spray Tag.
  5. Water Wars.
  6. Target Practice.
  7. Hop the Snake.
  8. Water Hose Limbo.

What can I put in my backyard instead of a pool?

Make a Splash: Alternatives to the Backyard Pool

  1. Pondless Waterfalls.
  2. Water Gardens.
  3. Natural Swimming Ponds.
  4. Splash Pads.
  5. Dog Water Park.

How do you keep your pool cool?

Installing a fountain, waterfalls, or other features that keep your pool water moving promotes evaporation. When a liquid evaporates, it loses heat as it converts to gas. This is the same reason a damp towel around your neck helps keep you cool. You don’t have to run your water features all the time.

How can I tan outside without overheating?

Here are 10 ways to get a tan faster to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

  1. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30.
  2. Change positions frequently.
  3. Eat foods that contain beta carotene.
  4. Try using oils with naturally occurring SPF.
  5. Don’t stay outside for longer than your skin can create melanin.
  6. Eat lycopene-rich foods.

What to do when it’s nice outside by yourself?

10 Fun Outdoor Activities to Do Alone

  • Go Fishing. As long as you have a body of water with fish in it near you, then fishing is an awesome outdoor activity that you can do by yourself.
  • Yoga.
  • Kayaking.
  • Archery.
  • Metal Detecting.
  • Going Jogging.
  • Go for a Walk.
  • Ride Your Bike.

How can I make my hose fun?

How do you make a water hose fun?

No Pool? No Worries! 5 Backyard Water Games for Summer Fun

  1. Water Hose Limbo. Shoot a steady stream of water from the hose, put on some dance music, and have kids try to pass beneath the water while leaning backward.
  2. Jump over the Snake.
  3. Water Ball.
  4. Water-Bucket Race.
  5. Hose Target Practice.

What can I use instead of a kiddie pool?

Sprinklers are another fun option instead of plastic kiddie pools. Kiddie pools are great for cooling off on hot days, and they can provide hours of entertainment for little ones. The problem is, most kids’ pools are made from PVC (and that goes for inflatable pool toys and floaties, too).

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