What are the developmental goals or aspirations of farmers who depend only on rain for growing crops?

What are the developmental goals or aspirations of farmers who depend only on rain for growing crops?

The development goal for a farmer who is only dependent on rain for growing crop would be a good and sufficient monsoon season so that his crops get the required irrigation and he can benefit with the good produce. Hydroponics have been shown to be a successful technique for growing of plants.

What is the development write some development goals aspirations?

Developmental Goals / Aspirations. Landless rural labourers. More days of work and better wages; local school is able to provide quality education for their children; there is no social discrimination and they too can become leaders in the village. Prosperous farmers from Punjab.

What are the development goals of prosperous farmers?

Development goals of the prosperous farmers from Punjab are:-

  • Low price food grains.
  • Hardworking and Cheap Labour.
  • High prices for their produce.
  • Cheap inputs used in agriculture.

    What may be developmental goal for a small farmer?

    Tubewells to be dug and canals to be made for irrigation of on rain for growing crops; higher support prices for crops; availability of hardworking and cheap labour; better education facilities their children.

    What are the development goals other than income?

    Answer : The two goals of development other than income are freedom and security.

    Why do different persons have different notions of development?

    Answer: (b) Different persons have different notions of development because life situations of persons are different. Development goals of a girl from a rich urban family will be surely different from a farmer in Rajasthan. A goal which a person has entirely depends on his or her present life situation.

    What is the goal of a farmer?

    The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.

    What do people need to get more income?

    The people get more income by their regular work. Hard work is very much important for gaining success and more income as well. Farmers do hard work for growing their crops, so they should get decent price for their crops. The answer is all of these.

    Why do people look at mix of goals for development?

    ‘For development, people look at a mix of goals’–working women have more dignity in the household and society. A secured environment enables women to take up jobs in society or they may run a business. Hence, development goals are not only based on a rise in the income level but also on an increase in human value.

    What are the 5 aspects of development?

    The Five Areas of Development is a holistic approach to learning that strives to break down the silos in education and ensure the development of a learner in all Five areas of Development – Cerebral, Emotional, Physical, Social and Spiritual.

    What are the 4 aspects of development?

    The major domains of development are physical, cognitive, language, and social-emotional. Children often experience a significant and obvious change in one domain at a time.

    What are the development goals of Trader?


    • The trader expects that his trade or business should have a great demand in market.
    • He would wish for the good sales.
    • He wish for the better livelihood.
    • Of course he wishes good education for his children.

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