Stranger Things Season 4 : How death of Jim Hopper Opens Another Route for the Evil Mind Flayer, Explained.

Stranger Things season 4 may not have been fully disclosed by Netflix yet, but that certainly hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing what is to come. Among such theories lies the slight possibility that our favorite cop in town might still be around, contrary to what was depicted towards the end of season 3. 

From speculations of Chief Hopper being knocked through the gate to the Upside Down before it slammed shut to even suggesting his disappearance was all part of a strategic plan to protect El and Joyce, fans everywhere have taken a stab at trying to come up with viable explanations to hold him in the picture. 

Today, we’ve decided to shoot our shot as well so grab whoever is next to you, get comfortable, and keep the door three inches open at all times because we’re coming at you with everything we’ve got. 

Let’s talk about the insane 

As seen towards the end of season 3 of Stranger Things, Joyce and Hopper engage in a mission to close the rift to the Upside Down once and for all. Though they both manage to seal the horrifying fate of underworld, it came at a cost, that being the former chief’s life. 

While some fans had dwelled in sadness over the fact that their favorite character was gone forgone, others have spent their time coming up with crazy theories, that are quite frankly on par with the Russian scientist’s intentions to open up the portal in the first place.

An alternative portal 

We here believe that the death of Hopper opened yet another route for the evil Mind Flayer to make its way back into reality.

Let us explain. 

Considering the possibility that Hopper might actually have been sucked into the Upside Down during the epic finale, we can assume that, like Will, he too comes out years later with the Mind Flayer as a part of him.

In fact, a new post from Millie Bobby Brown on Instagram seems to hint at Hopper’s return in season four. Hopper is seen with an overgrown beard, is it an indication to the amount of time he spent in the spooky alternate reality. 

Sure, it’s hard to prove true but it certainly does hold true to everything we just said.


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