Scream Season 3 To Hit Netflix’s Screens On September 1, Details Inside

Scream season 3 is finally here after much delay the show was supposed to air on MTV at the beginning of 2018

On June 24th it was decided that the show would air on VH1 unlike its predecessors and over a short period of time, there was an official release of scream: Resurrection trailer and the show finally did premiere on 8th of July and now the dreaming service Netflix would be airing the season for us from now on.

But the question is why was there such a delay? Well According to Reporter, Netflix, who had previously streamed season 1 and 2 following their airing on MTV, wouldn’t have to stream Scream season 3.

Without the lucrative Netflix partnership, the release of season 3 at all was still up in the air. This is particularly disappointing when you contemplate that season 3 was shot in 2017, and there was no talk about when we would ever see it.

There could have been two possibilities for such a delay. First MTV could’ve been trying to renegotiate with Netflix or possibly find another streaming service to host the show after it aired. Second, with MTV direction, it’s possible the network was trying to figure out how the show will fit into their updated slate.

It looks like they finally did, as it will now premiere on VH1.

Scream season 3 is supposed to give new birth to the entire franchise, giving rise to in a new set of kids, including Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey, and a whole new set of dynamics. While fans of the previous two seasons felt a bit betrayed that the characters they had fallen in love with would be gone, it was clear MTV was trying to pull of the agreement to premiere Scream season 3, it’s hard to tell what kind of after-effect this will have on the show moving forward. After all of this run-around, it’s unlikely we’ll get a Scream season 4, but you just never know


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