Officials Report YouTuber Marina Joyce Has Been Missing For Over 9 Days After A Huge Conspiracy

On Friday, the official’s of Haringey Police Social Media account tweeted asking people to help locate Joyce, who was last seen on July 31 and was reported missing on August seven. The tweet read. “Can you all please help us to find Marina Joyce, who was 22, missing from #Haringey? Last seen on 31st July and reported missing to police on 7th August. Call 101 and quote 19MIS031063 with any information”.

The internet celebrity known for her beauty videos posted her last clip on YouTube on June 21. The latest video on her YouTube channel, titled, “HOW I CARE FOR MY HAIR,” was uploaded on June 21. Several hours later, her boyfriend named Brandon Mehmed, also a YouTuber, tweeted: “Everything is being dealt with in a professional manner. Please do not worry about her as she is fine and safe”.

After several incidents surrounded by her absence, Joyce returned to the YouTube channel and in a video titled “Saving Marina Joyce,” she has explained that she was suffering from deep depression. “I simply don’t want you all to believe that any of the conspiracy theories because none of them are true,” she told to all her subscribers. She also explained, “It hurts me to this day to think of all the reckless things I did that showed that I did not care about my life and things that I would look back upon and feel so grateful that I am still alive today.”

She also mentioned that in 2016 she sparked panic after appearing in a worrying video in which she appeared to be secretly begging for help and sparking fears that she may have been kidnapped.


In the video, titled Date Outfit Ideas, Marina has appeared to whisper “help me” – while her arms were also bruised. And she claimed she had “found a couple of secrets about the After Life” and could contact the dead.

Joyce, who has over two million subscribers on YouTube channel, began to trend on Twitter in July 2016, after her videos and social media posts alarmed fans are true.”

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