NYT’s Bret Stephens mocked by Trump

About the Incident:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ridiculed New York Times editorialist Bret Stephens for his response of being known as a bloodsucker. The president referred to reports kissing bugs were found in the newsroom.

In a tweet, Trump considered him Stephens a “lightweight columnist” and “a Conservative who does whatever his managers at the NYT guide him to do!,” before including, “He is currently stopping Twitter subsequent to being known as a ‘kissing bug,’ Tough person!”

Trump’s remarks came after a contention that began On Monday. George Washington University partner teacher David Karpf kidded on Twitter that “The kissing bugs are an illustration.

The kissing bugs are Bret Stephens,” George Washington University partner educator Dave Karpf joked. Stephens was a bloodsucker after reports that there was a kissing bug pervasion in the New York Times newsroom, Stephens, this tweet obviously infuriated Stephens enough for him to email both Karpf and the GWU executive, which Karpf shared on Twitter Monday night.


In an email, He chastened Karpf for his remark and replicated the executive at the teacher’s college. The trade became a web sensation after Karpf posted a screen capture of the full email to Twitter.

It expressed that “I am frequently astounded about the things as far as anyone knows OK individuals are set up to state about other individuals that individuals they have never met on Twitter,” Stephens wrote to Karpf.

“I think you have set another standard. The Times editorialist proceeded to welcome Karpf to his home, meet his better half and youngsters, and afterward “call me ‘kissing bug’ to my face.” “That would take some veritable fearlessness and scholarly respectability on your part,” Stephens told the school teacher.


“I guarantee to be polite regardless of what you need to state. Possibly it will make you rest easy thinking about yourself.” Stephens has since deactivated his Twitter account.

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