New LINUX bite-sized computer with a full-feature display just in $69

A favorite among many webmasters and technology enthusiasts around the world, LINUX is known for its incredible power and flexibility as a platform. An operating system that rules the IT industry with just a snap of a finger, LINUX has stood tall since the year it was introduced into the developer community almost three decades ago. The community has recently outdone itself by releasing to the public a bite-sized computer with a full-feature display for a price you would not believe until you’ve since it for yourself. The VoCore2 Mini Linux Computer Bundle lets you take Linux power with you wherever you go, and is currently available at over 10% off for only $69. Read on to find out everything this table-sized computer can do to make your life easier one click at a time. 

A package that’s better than ever 

Let’s talk more about the features that this little mastermind has got to itself. With a complete interface, display, and series drawn from external equipment, the package that comes with this computer-like device offers a huge amount of processing power for a fraction of what you would pay for an actual digital computer. It also acts as a router with wireless functionality that doubles as a VPN gateway, AirPlay music streaming station, private cloud storage and much more. But the best thing about the computer is that it retails for $69, making it an affordable get for everyone.   


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