New Disney project Raya and the Last Dragon. Details revealed.

Disney reveals new project Raya and the last dragon.

Disney Animations is announcing its next projects from some time now. The studio has now revealed the film nabbing that November 2020 slot. A fantasy action- adventure titled Raya and the Last dragon.

About the movie.

This movie is inspired by the cultures of Southeast Asia. The story is about finding the last dragon by a lone warrior, Raya. Raya searches for the last dragon to protect the world from a Dark Sinister force threatening the fantasy kingdom of Kumandra. A short video was released by Disney showing the footage from Raya and the Last Dragon. Cassie Steele will be providing a voice to Raya. The clip showed Raya and her younger brother entering an ancient temple through a lush rainforest.

At the end of the clip, the pair comes in contact with a dragon named Sisu. The dragon is beautifully pink and teal. The voice to the dragon will be given by Crazy Rich Asians’ Awkwafina. It is possible for the dragon to take the form of an old lady in the movie. Awkwafina defined the dragon character and said that when Raya meets Sisu, she’s in the form of a human. She needs help to reclaim her power to become a dragon.

Cassie Steele told about Raya and said that Raya is ready to meet magical water. She has a gem that channels amazing huge power. The movie gives a message about themes of community and hope in a reimagined earth inhabited.  Shows the ancient civilization that cherishes the mythos of the dragon for their power and wisdom before they disappeared from the land.  Raya tries to reunite the five distinct clans that makeup for Land of the Dragon. Riya joins the misfit’s crew to bring light and unity back to the world.


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