Netflix’s Sex Education Season 2: 5 Things That Make It The Most-Awaited Comedy-Drama Of 2019

1) Will there be a season two of Sex Education?

Well, Yes, it was confirmed by Netflix that season two is on the way. Screenwriter Laurie Nunn revealed that the writers were already working on season 2. Speaking to Thrillist, Nunn said: “We have started working on it, but we will not find out obviously whether we will get another series for another couple of months. It’s all up in the air. We definitely started thinking about it. So we have some exciting stuff to entertain the audience.”

2)When will Sex Education season two be released?

It was in May 2019, Netflix has confirmed that production on season 2 has begun and the first read-through had taken place. Yes, you heard it right, It’s coming!

Sex Education is a pretty straight forward show that can be shot quickly, once the scripts are ready. Casting for season one took place on May 2018 and the show got published 9 months later. We could be assessed either a late 2019 release date or an early 2020 release. It all depends on how long it takes to shoot the season, right?

3)Sex Education season two cast – who will return?

Given how season one ended, it’s expected that all of the cast members will return for some more drama and sex therapy at Mooredale Secondary School.

Connor Swindells will also be reprising his role as Adam Groff, although it’ll be interesting to see how much he fits, seeing as he was driven off to join the army at the end of season one.


4)How many episodes of Sex Education season two will there be?

There will be 8 brand new episodes so buckle up!.

5)Must Happen – Jackson’s Mothers Get A Divorce

Jackson revealed that his mothers are headed for divorce and he feels like the only glue that’s keeping them together.

As painful as it would be, it seems necessary that they should divorce in order for Jackson’s character to move forward.

Divorce is the biggest part of one’s life and is something that affects children both positively and negatively. Jackson noticed that his parents aren’t getting along and that it only adds more pressure and anxiety to his life. Jackson could struggle a lot with their decision at first but then find things get much easier as everyone adjusts. It could end up alleviating some major stress, allowing him to finally move forward and focus on what he wants in his life.

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