Megan Thee Stallion Teams Up With Nicki Minaj, Releases New Single ‘Hot Girl Summer’

What is a Hot Girl Summer?

For the uninitiated, a Hot Girl Summer is fundamentally the summery form of BDE. It’s not in reality about being ‘hot’, yet progressively like a perspective.

Consider it like a sexually impartial term that can be connected to any individual who is simply essentially carrying on with their best life.

‘It’s only fundamentally about ladies and men simply being proudly them, simply having a decent ass time, building up your companions, doing you, not caring at all about what no one got the chance to state about it,’ Megan clarified in a meeting with The Root.

It’s difficult to accept that we’ve just been experiencing our best Hot Girl Summer lives for only one summer since Megan Thee Stallion promoted the term recently.

In any case, in case you’re as of now tired of seeing #HotGirlSummer stuck all over your Instagram feed, it would appear that you’ll simply need to manage it somewhat more, as there’s currently a tune from the rapper themed around the expression.

Nicki Minaj and Megan have collaborated for a tune of a similar name, nearby Ty Dolla Sign, so you’ve additionally now got a soundtrack to experience your best Hot Girl Summer life to.

Nicki may have a long-standing contention with Cardi B, yet Megan conceded she was excited to collaborate with Nick for the track regardless of her fellowship with Cardi.

‘[Fans] truly cause it to appear as though no doubt about it”,’ “she clarified in a meeting with E! News. ‘I incredibly, truly like them two. They’re two unique individuals, two distinct rappers. It’s not, in any case, the equivalent.


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