Lost in Space Season 2 : Why is Netflix delaying The Sci-Fi? When will it release?

If you are a Netflix user, you must have known about the breath-taking web series “Lost in Space”. There was an old American TV series of Lost in Space that was aired on 1965 September 15th and has 3 extremely interesting seasons that ended after 3 years, 6th of march 2968 being the date of the final episode. The three seasons had 29, 30 and 24 episodes respectively and gained a lot of popularity immediately after its release.

There was an announcement made on October 10th, 2014 that there will be a remake of this amazing series with the best possible visual effects. The new Lost In Space was improvised and released on Netflix as “Lost in Space”. This is one of the most recommended web series on Netflix. However, only one season was released till now and there is a delay in the release of the second one. 

Lost in Space season 1 on Netflix debuted on 13th of April in 2018 with a total of 10 episodes. The synopsis of this series is that a family of Robinsons was supposed to set off on a mission of exploring the other planet for 5 years. But a deliberate act by one of them leads to an unwanted separation of them in the space for 3 years. 

However, the others come across different planets in order to find a way to reach the earth along with their trusted robot partner. Will Robinson, Judy Robinson, John Robinson, Maureen Robinson, Penny Robinson, Don West, and Dr. Smith are the lead characters played by Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russel, Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Mina Sundwall, Ignacio Serricchio, and Parker Posey respectively. 

Netflix Show: Lost in Space Season 2 Release Date

This series is such a mind-blowing one that even after a repeated remake of the novel, TV series, and a film, people are so much intrigued to watch the story over and over in the recent web series Lost In Space on Netflix. Obviously, who is not going to be astonished by the visual effects, amazing screenplay and a luring storyline? The cast and the crew involved in this web series have also been nominated and successfully won many awards for their talent and performance. And we are all pretty sure there are more awards on the way. In season 1 of this series, the Robinson family decide to go on an interstellar mission, but to their surprise, things do not go as they planned. 

Due to some reasons, their family ends up in a situation where they get lost in an unknown galaxy which is later identified to be a robotic galaxy and the season ends. This major cliffhanger has made the watchers more curious about the second season. 

The Robinsons family has survival on top of their list as of now, but a new cast will be introduced into the second series as Commander Jiang. Reports say that there are other characters to be added along with Commander Jiang and the season is going to be much more exciting than the first one. 

While the filming of the first season started in 2017 February, ended in July of the same year and aired on Netflix by April 2018, the second seasons filming began on September of 2018 and was to be concluded by January 2019. It is more than half a year now and there has been no release of a single episode of the second series which makes people continuously question for the dates of season 2 release. 

Due to a constant questioning of the fans, Mina Sundweel, the cast of the Lost in Space Series has tweeted that the production of the second series has been finished and the post-production works are yet to be finished by the cast and crew, which makes it believe that the show will be streaming on Netflix before the year 2020. 

Though there were rumors regarding the second series of Lost in Space to be released in 2020, Netflix has officially confirmed and announced that the 2nd season is coming soon. It is believed to be more dangerous and adventurous as some of the details say that a few kids are sent on a mission to space but encounter deadly villains and all the Robinsons except the 11-year-old Robinson, Will, who joins the robot, are sent to destroy alien robots of that galaxy. 

Good news is that there are chances that season 2 may premier this November according to a few reports. Now, all we have to do is wait and see if the Robinson family makes it out alive by the end of this season. The survival of the Robinsons is something we all are waiting to watch. So get ready for the release of the impeccable Lost In Space Season 2. Many of you might also binge-watch the whole season in a day out of curiosity.


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