Kid Rock Faces Huge Backlash From Fans After Posting Abusive Tweet About Taylor Swift On His Twitter Handle

Kid Rock recently made a terrible a misogynistic comment recently on Taylor Swift saying that the 29-year-old singer did sex favors in order to receive film roles

“ Taylor Swift wants to be a Democrat. Because she wants to be in movies… Period. And it looks like she would suck the doorknob after Hollywierd in order to get there. Oldest move in the book.

Good luck girl tweeted the American producer but soon had to be the subject of wrath for all of Swift’s fanbase and just and just audience in general.

Taylor was subjected to his cruel comments just because last month she wrote an open letter to Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander to support the quality bill and said that she personally does not support the President’s administration.

In September 2019 vogue the singer opened up about her stance on the last presidential election, all in all, she has really been into politics these days.

As a result of which Kid rock felt ‘entitled’ to make such a disgusting and sexist remark on Swift landing up with a role in Cats.

The people were quick to react one of the Twitter users commented saying “ Hey kid the ’50s called, they want their sexist and outdated thinking back’”

A lot of actors and celebs called him out too “ somehow that tweet is both gross and boring” said Patricia Arquette.

While Sheryl Crow stressed on “Spreading love not hate” Rock certainly needs to keep his outdated ideas with himself and not cause feuds with singers who he otherwise has nothing to with, as Crow said: “Spread love not hate.” Period.


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