Is it possible to get a real Persian rug?

Is it possible to get a real Persian rug?

A real Persian rug is a real treasure. Handmade carpets from Iran have become more and more scarce, as mass production has also affected the carpet industry and experienced knotters are becoming increasingly rare in the Middle East. Industrially knotted carpets never reach the quality of Persian carpets.

What’s the difference between Oriental and Persian carpets?

In everyday language, oriental and Persian carpets are often considered the same. This is due to the prominent role of Persian carpets. However, a “real” Persian comes only from Iran. The term oriental carpet is to be understood as a generic term and is used for all carpets from the Arab world. Iran is very much aware of its tradition.

What do you call a carpet from Iran?

Since many of these countries lie in an area which today is referred to as the Islamic world, oriental rugs are often also called “ Islamic Carpets ”, and the term “oriental rug” is used mainly for convenience. The carpets from Iran are known as “ Persian Carpets ”.

What kind of material is an oriental rug made of?

An oriental rug is a heavy textile, made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purpose, produced in “Oriental countries” for home use, local sale, and export. Oriental carpets can be pile woven or flat woven without pile, using various materials such as silk, wool, and cotton.

What kind of yarn is a Persian area rug made out of?

Medicine Hat, AB. 2019-01-14 11:23:03 This understated area rug features a Persian-inspired motif in faded blue and white tones. Its rectangular silhouette is made in Turkey from a blend of polypropylene and chenille yarn that can stand up to spills and stains, making it perfect for high-traffic areas of your home like the entryway or kitchen.

Can you put a Persian rug in a washing machine?

Spills, dirt, pet dander, and accidents are not a problem when you can throw it in any standard size washing machine. Perfect for high traffic areas this rug is both lightweight and durable. Made of stain resistant, 100% polyester with a nonslip backing, it is designed to be family and pet friendly, making maintenance a breeze.

Which is the best rug to put on the floor?

Persian rugs add incredible depth to your decor. With gorgeous patterns so complex you’ll never get tired of looking at them, a Persian or oriental rug on the floor can add an element of sophisticated style to any room in your home. Persian-style rugs look great in areas with lots of foot traffic.

What kind of pattern does a botanical rug have?

The Oriental-inspired pattern with scrolling botanical accents and a bordered motif give this piece a touch of traditional appeal, while the distressed design elevates the look with vintage charm. The blue and beige color palette lets this piece blend into a variety of spaces.

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