Is company secretary valid abroad?

Is company secretary valid abroad?

A Company Secretary degree under ICSI with a job experience of about 3-4 years gives a variety of possibilities abroad. while that is restrained to a few countries like UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few another.

Can I work abroad after CS?

Scope for CS Abroad Still, it is necessary to mention that, having an Indian degree and work experience can help you in so many ways. There are company secretaries working in Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK, MENA etc. already and the scope is absolutely immense after the globalization.

Is company secretaryship a good career?

Apart from the duties, the CS can expect good pay of 25,000 to 40,000 per month in any Indian company. Starting a career as a Company Secretary brings many Duties & Responsibilities and apart from this, they play a significant role in company reputation as they handle legal matters.

What can you do after company secretary?

Company Secretaries in Practice also render services in the following areas:

  • Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance.
  • Corporate Restructuring.
  • Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures.
  • Arbitration and Conciliation.
  • Financial Management.
  • Project Planning.
  • Capital Market and Investor Relations.
  • Due Diligence.

Which country is best for company secretary course?

Singapore is among one of those countries where it is compulsory to appoint a CS. Hence, a company secretary register as a member with ICSI can also opt to pursue a career as a CS in Singapore as well.

What is the salary of CS in abroad?

Scope of CS Overseas

Country Average Annual Package
Singapore S$49,455
South Africa R620,291
The UK £20,500-78,600
The USA $44,500-1,26,000

Can I get a job after CS?

A qualified company secretary is capable of finding a job in the public and private sectors, financial institutions, and banks. Company secretaries can also set up their own consultancy after obtaining a certificate of practice. Companies with a paid-up share of Rs.

What is CS course salary?

CS Course Details

Course CS
Fee Offered Foundation Programme= Rs. 3,600 Executive Programme= RS. 7000 Professional Programme= Rs. 12000
Course Type Certification
Starting salary offered 3 – 5 Lakhs
Similar Course CA, CMA

What is the salary of CS topper?

Company Secretary CS Salary in India : Based on Experience

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1-4 years INR 232,260 – Rs 770,450
5-9 years INR 302,012 – Rs 1,468,135
10-19 years INR 380,000 – INR 2,440,000
20 years or more INR 1,768,743 – INRÂ 1,924,279

Who Earns More CA or CS?

CA vs CS: Salaries The average salary for CA is more than CS. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Company Secretary in India is Rs 6 lakhs while the average salary of a Chartered Accountant in India happens to be around Rs 8 Lakhs.

Is CS difficult to pass?

Passing the CS Professional Program is most difficult for any student. It is also highly recommended for CS aspirants to study for the Executive Program and Professional Program through any ICSI-recognised university, offering CS courses.

What is the maximum salary of CS?

What is the highest salary offered as Company Secretary? Highest reported salary offered as Company Secretary is ₹54lakhs. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹42lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹50lakhs per year.

Which is easy CA or CS?

Easy Studies – CS is much easier as compared to CA which has been referred to the toughest course in India. The CA course is easy to enter but tough to exit. While the CS is also not easy but not as tough as CA. Secretarial Auditing – CS are the only persons who can sign the secretarial report of a Company.

What is the passing percentage of CS?

In Executive Programme 2.89 percent of candidates passed in both modules whereas 9.50 percent passed in Module – I and 9.98 percent in Module – II….

CS Professional (New Syllabus) Pass Percentage
Module – 1 12.44%
Module – 2 10.91%
Module – 3 10.24%
All Modules 3.31%

Who earns more CS or CA?

Is CS easier than CA?

Easy Studies – CS is much easier as compared to CA which has been referred to the toughest course in India. The CA course is easy to enter but tough to exit. While the CS is also not easy but not as tough as CA. On the other hand, CS students can complete their internship after completing the CS studies.

How much does a CS earn?

Legal document review: This skill can help earn a CS professional of an average annual salary of over Rs 7 lakh. Regulatory compliance: One can earn over Rs 6.7 lakh per annum on an average with this skill. Taking meeting minutes: Can help a CS professional earn a salary of over Rs 6.14 lakh per annum on an average.

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