In which soil does cotton grow well why?

In which soil does cotton grow well why?

Black soils
Black soils are poor in nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter. The soils are generally rich in the montmorillonitic and beidellitic group of clay minerals. It is most suitable for the growth of cotton. It is also known or cotton soil as a reason.

Can cotton grow in red soil?

Some of the crops suitable for red soils are cotton, wheat, rice, pulses, millets, tobacco, oilseeds, potatoes, and fruits. The red soils are mostly loamy and therefore cannot retain water like the black soils. Cotton Crop in Red Soil.

Can cotton be grown in alluvial soil?

Crops like rice, wheat, sugarcane, tobacco, jute, cotton, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables are grown in this soil. Alluvial soil is not the most suitable for the cultivation of cotton.

Which fertilizer is best for cotton?

Fertilizer: Cotton crop should be manured with FYM or compost at least once in 3 years at the rate of 12 to 15 tons/ha. The fertilizer dose of 100:50:50 (NPK) kg/ha for irrigated cotton; 80 :40:40 (NPK) kg/ha for rainfed cotton hybrids and 50:25:25 NPK kg/ha both for desi and hirsutum varieties are recommended.

Which crop is best for alluvial soil?

Crops in Alluvial Soils They are best suited to irrigation and respond well to canal and well/tube-well irrigation. They yield splendid crops of rice, wheat, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, jute, maize, oilseeds, vegetables and fruits.

Which crop is suitable for red soil?

Crops in Red Soils The red soils, with the proper use of fertilizers and irrigation techniques, give good yield of cotton, wheat, rice, pulses, millets, tobacco, oil seeds, potatoes and fruits.

Is black soil good for garden?

Black Earth is rich in nutrients. It improves poor and sandy soils, while enhancing water and nutrient retention. The mix contains black earth (hummus), compost manure and lime. Enrich with a good compost and use in your flowerbeds and vegetable garden.

Is rice grown in black soil?

Some of the main crops grown on the black soils are cotton, wheat, jowar, linseed, Virginia tobacco, castor, sunflower, and millets. Rice and sugarcane are equally important where irrigation facilities are obtainable. Large varieties of vegetables and fruits are successfully grown on black soil.

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