How thick is the bottom of an inground pool?

How thick is the bottom of an inground pool?

Typically, concrete walls of inground swimming pool shell should be 6 to 12 inches thick. However, for some projects or in some sections of the pool shell, a builder will make the shell walls thicker.

How thick is a swimming pool floor?

Standard pool floor thickness While the pool walls should be about three to four inches thick, ensure that pool floors are bout 5 to 6 inches thick. Often, there would be an accumulation of concrete at the corners that measure approximately 8 inches thick.

Can you make a pool out of concrete?

Concrete is responsible for some of the highest quality swimming pools ever built. When constructed properly, a concrete pool lasts for years before requiring basic maintenance or repairs. Concrete pools are made with shotcrete or gunite, mixtures of concrete or sand sprayed onto a metal frame.

How much is concrete for a pool?

How much concrete do I need? Order this much concrete, for these standard pool sizes. 12 x 24 – 5 yards, 14 x 28 – 6 yards, 16 x 32 – 7 yards, 18 x 36 – 8 yards and a 20 x 40 – 9 yards.

Does a pool need footings?

Corder recommends that in-ground pools should have footings at least 16-inches deep and 20-inches wide, though they may be as much as 58-inches wide to accommodate some soil conditions. Footing requirements will always be dictated by soil compressive strength and local codes.

Do you have to put rebar in concrete?

Rebar is not necessary for every concrete project. The general rule of thumb is that if you are pouring concrete that is more than 5 inches in depth, you are probably going to want to add in some rebar to help reinforce the entire structure.

Are pool pads necessary?

Above-ground pools should be placed on pool floor padding for two important reasons: Installation of padding underneath the swimming pool liner protects it from stones, roots, or other sharp debris that might cut the pool liner and cause a leak.

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