How much market share does Union Pacific have?

How much market share does Union Pacific have?

UNP’s Competition by Segment and its Market Share

Union Pacific Corporation UNP 18.41 %
Csx Corporation CSX
Norfolk Southern Corporation NSC 10.92 %
Csx Corporation CSX 7.93 %

How Much Is Union Pacific Railroad worth?

Union Pacific Corporation

Type Public
Operating income US$7.834 billion (2020)
Net income US$5.3 billion (2020)
Total assets US$62.398 billion (2020)
Total equity US$16.958 billion (2020)

Who owns Union Pacific Railroad?

Union Pacific Corporation
Union Pacific Railroad/Parent organizations

The Union Pacific grew to operate in 13 western states, extending from Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Kansas City, Missouri, to Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles. Since 1969 it has been owned by the Union Pacific Corporation, a holding company.

How is UPRR stock doing?

Stock Quote (U.S.: NYSE) | MarketWatch….$ 221.00.

Close Chg Chg %
$221.71 1.76 0.80%

Is Union Pacific a buy sell or hold?

Union Pacific has received a consensus rating of Buy. The company’s average rating score is 2.76, and is based on 14 buy ratings, 6 hold ratings, and no sell ratings.

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Is Union Pacific stock going to split?

The big 5-for-1 split in 1956 gave Union Pacific plenty of room for growth without needing to consider further splits for a couple of decades….What made Union Pacific do a stock split in the past.

Date of Split Split Ratio
Jan. 27, 1977 2 for 1
April 25, 1980 2 for 1
Oct. 1, 1991 2 for 1
May 28, 2008 2 for 1

What did Union Pacific close at?

Performance Outlook

Previous Close 220.19
Open 219.25
Bid 219.18 x 2200
Ask 219.36 x 1000
Day’s Range 218.04 – 220.37

How much does the CEO of Union Pacific make?

As Chairman, President & CEO at UNION PACIFIC CORP, Lance M. Fritz made $13,362,629 in total compensation. Of this total $1,095,833 was received as a salary, $1,650,000 was received as a bonus, $4,200,095 was received in stock options, $6,300,010 was awarded as stock and $116,691 came from other types of compensation.

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