How much is a POS system?

How much is a POS system?

The range for restaurant POS systems cost typically falls between $79 – $150 per month for software. In addition to monthly software costs, the hardware costs are a one-time fixed cost that starts at $799.

How tall is an antique National Cash Register?

An ‘International’ antique American brass cash register. 55 cm high, 59 cm wide, 38 cm deep. American cash register by the National Cash Register Company Dayton, Ohio. Serial number 772788 210. Height 42 cm Antique National cash register, Ex Barbers shop Botany Rd Alexandria. in original untouched estate condition

What kind of company is National Cash Register?

NCR Corporation, previously known as National Cash Register, is an American software company, managed and professional services, consulting and technology company that also makes self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, check processing systems, and barcode scanners.

Where can I find an antique cash register?

This is THE place to go to find out info on your ornate antique cash register!! Not many examples of this intricate mechanical era are still available on the antiques market.

What was the model of the NCR cash register?

Below are a few pictures. NCR #8 with clock. National Cash Register model #2, model #50.25 and NCR Model #8 with clock. Here it is 12 pages on everything you need to know about your ornate National Cash Register. Including original NCR Owner’s Manuals and early NCR catalogues showing your register!

Is there an antique National Cash Register for sale?

Antique National Cash Register w/ Mahogany Finish and original keys. Works great National Cash Register Rope Rail fits model 2 & 33 (repro.) Complete with posts VINTAGE ANTIQUE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER PENNY STORE 710 No. 2424683 RARE! Antique “National” # 711 Cash Register, “Dad’s Root Beer”, Restored, Beautiful!!

What’s the name of the company that makes cash registers?

Today, the National Cash Register Company is known as NCR Corporation. They continue to manufacture modern electronic cash registers and computerized financial systems for businesses. NCR antique cash registers are highly desirable to collectors today. They were manufactured with ornate designs on the outsides in brass, bronze, and nickel plate.

Where can I get a brass cash register repaired?

The HBAC Group, located in Western New York State, provides parts, repair, sales & restoration of old brass cash registers. We provide worldwide service on a variety of antique cash registers, primarily from the National Cash Register Company, but also Hallwood cash registers.

Where do you find the serial number on a National Cash Register?

If the serial number begins with an S, the machine was reworked and resold by NCR. Check the front of the cash drawer. Many National cash registers have the name “National” across the front. The logo should be raised and made with the same material as the rest of the cash register.

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