How much does KFC pay per hour?

How much does KFC pay per hour?

How much does a Casual Team Member at KFC make? The typical KFC Casual Team Member salary is $18 per hour. Casual Team Member salaries at KFC can range from $9 – $26 per hour.

How much do KFC workers earn in South Africa?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Corporation Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range
Customer Service Supervisor Range:R13 – R68 (Estimated *)
Data Entry Clerk Range:R17 – R97 (Estimated *)
Food Service Worker Range:R13 – R42 (Estimated *)
Housekeeping Supervisor Range:R21 – R47 (Estimated *)

How much money does a KFC worker make?

MISSING VALUE in Sydney Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Team Member salaries – 6 salaries reported Sydney Area $18/hr
Kfc Cook salaries – 6 salaries reported Sydney Area $20/hr
Student salaries – 6 salaries reported Sydney Area $16/hr
Shift Supervisor salaries – 5 salaries reported Sydney Area $53,131/yr

How much KFC pay per hour in Australia?

How much does a Team Member make at KFC in Australia? Average KFC Team Member hourly pay in Australia is approximately $21.10, which is 22% below the national average.

Does KFC or Mcdonalds pay more?

Salaries. McDonald’s has 2,874 more total submitted salaries than KFC.

Is KFC a hard job?

KFC does enforce cleanliness standards as they can, but it’s just greasy, fast food, and it is tiring work if you let it. People are rewarded for borderline hyperactive behavior because the job simply demands it at times.

Do KFC employees get free food?

Free Food. Most of the hourly workers in KFC work as cashiers, cooks or front-end team members. For some areas, employees are given the option to take away any food that is not sold during work hours at the end of the day.

How much does McDonald’s pay in South Africa?

McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd. Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Cashier Range:R12 – R22 (Estimated *) Average:R18
Floor Supervisor Range:R22 – R46 (Estimated *) Average:R32
Restaurant Host/Hostess Range:R17 – R47 (Estimated *) Average:R28
Retail Store Assistant Manager Range:R27 – R70 (Estimated *) Average:R44

Can I work at KFC at 14?

Does KFC Hire at 14? – No. you must be 16-years or older to work at KFC.

How much does Woolworths pay per hour Nightfill?

How much does a Nightfill at Woolworths Group make? The typical Woolworths Group Nightfill salary is $24 per hour. Nightfill salaries at Woolworths Group can range from $22 – $30 per hour.

Does KFC employees get free food?

Does KFC provide uniforms?

No you do not. The only thing you have to pay for it your non-slip shoes and if you give them a receipt, they’ll give you…

Does KFC pay well?

106 KFC employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor….KFC in Los Angeles, CA Area Salaries.

Job Title Location Salary
Cashier salaries – 15 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $11/hr

Do Mcdonalds employees get free food?

Employer Summary McDonald’s Restaurant employees receive free or discounted meals.

How much do Mcdonalds staff get paid?

“The average McDonald’s salary ranges from approximately £10,000 per year for Customer Service Team Lead to £35,297 per year for Business Manager. “Average McDonald’s hourly pay ranges from approximately £8.25 per hour for Night Team Member to £16.02 per hour.”

How much do 14 year olds get paid at mcdonalds?

Typically a 14 year old person would get paid a rate of $10 or a little more during the working week. In addition to this, the older you turn the more your rate increases either by a few cents or dollars. A 14 year old would average around $150 for a 12 hour week.

Can you work at McDonald’s at 14?

The minimum age for working at McDonald’s is 14 years old; however, this may be higher depending on varying state laws. You also may need to obtain a permit or written permission for working if you’re still in school. Age requirements may also vary by position (managers typically need to be 18 years or older).

Can you work at KFC at 13?

How old does my child need to be to work? Whilst State and territories minimum age restrictions set the minimum baseline for children wishing to work, under KFC’s risk management approach to safety, the minimum age for the safety of all our employees is 14 years old.

How much does Nightfill at Coles pay?

The typical Coles Nightfill salary is $24 per hour. Nightfill salaries at Coles can range from $17 – $30 per hour. This estimate is based upon 18 Coles Nightfill salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How much does a Woolworths Nightfill manager earn?

Woolworths Group Salary FAQs The average salary for a a Nightfill Manager is A$65,260 per year in Australia, which is 12% lower than the average Woolworths Group salary of A$74,466 per year for this job.

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