How much does it cost to move a pool table into a basement?

How much does it cost to move a pool table into a basement?

Plan on $400-$600 to have a standard 8 or 9 foot table (which has 2 or 3 piece slate) to have the table disassembled, moved to a new location, new cloth installed, put together, and leveled.

How do I move my pool table to the basement?

Ways of getting a Pool Table into a Basement

  1. Ask a few friends to help you, and then grasp each side of the pool table carefully.
  2. Once you all have a firm grip on the table, you just need to lift it carefully at a comfortable height, and then turn it so that it is positioned vertically.

Will a pool table fit in my basement?

Many people set up their pool tables in the basement because it’s the room with the most available space. But lofts, attics and finished spaces over garages can be great too, especially when they’re spacious, like the one shown here. Solid wood tables tend to weigh more, typically between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds.

Can I move my pool table without taking it apart?

Pool tables are not designed to be moved in one piece. You will need to disassemble the legs, felt, rails and slate and then reassemble them in your pool table’s new location. In some circumstances and with help, you can move a pool table using furniture sliders without taking it apart.

Why is it so expensive to move a pool table?

Pool table sizes range from 5 feet to 12 feet. And the larger the table, the more costly the move due to the added weight — and difficulty of disassembling and reassembling larger tables. Most pool tables are 7 feet, 8 feet or 9 feet.

Can a pool table be moved without taking it apart?

Is a 6 foot pool table worth it?

If it is all that you can fit inside of your home, then yes! It is worth purchasing a 6-foot pool table. After all, playing pool is better than not playing pool. Smaller pool tables often require smaller balls, and this means that you aren’t really going to be learning how to play pool properly on them.

Can you put a pool table in an empty room?

Call it what you will – Billiard Room, Pool Table Room, Snooker Room, Eight-Ball Room – you’ll need to decorate it. Anybody can put a pool table in an empty room.

When to get rid of an old pool table?

The time has come to rid yourself of that old pool table. When you bought that pool table a dozen years ago, you imagined it as the focal point of your man den, man cave, whatever man space you always wanted. But then you grew up and realized man caves are lame and juvenile.

Where did an antique pool table come from?

This table came out of the Chicago area from an elderly man who purchased it from its original estate. He had owned it forty years before I was able to purchase it from him. Circa 1895. Antique Pool Table. Ash, Burl and Mahogany with inlays of Birdseye Maple. Ebony and Walnut rails are Rosewood with ivory sights.

What do you need to disassemble a coin operated pool table?

Remove only the rails and legs from a coin-operated table. Remove the rail bolts with a socket wrench and detach them from the table. If two lengths of rail are connected at a corner, you may need to flip them over before you detach them gently.

How big should a room be for a pool table?

  • 2 feet wide by 9 feet long.
  • Take the measurements of the pool table and add twice the length of the pool cue.
  • Standard two-piece pool cues measure at least 58 inches in length.

    What is the best size pool table to have?

    9 Foot Pool Tables. A 9 foot table is the best size if you’re playing seriously or planning on entering any tournaments. 9 foot tables are the standard size of a pool table used in regulation tournaments and are most popular in pool halls.

    Where is the dot on a pool table?

    Dot is a billiards slang term that is a part of Pool Table Terminology. A dot is a layman’s term for the small diamond spots that are commonly embedded in to the surface of a billiard table’s rails.

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