How many pounds is alfalfa hay per acre?

How many pounds is alfalfa hay per acre?

For pure alfalfa stands, 18 to 20 pounds per acre should be planted. For mixed stands with grass, 15 to 16 pounds per acre is recommended. For broadcast seeding, seeding rates need to be increased by 10 to 20 percent. Weed control.

How much hay will 20 acres produce?

it should produce between 120 an 160 rolls in ideal hay years enough for 30 to 50 cows. i dont know what its worth prolly $1500 an acre more or less.

How much hay will an acre grow?

How many tons of hay does an acre produce? The average U.S. dry hay yield (all types) dropped from 2.52 tons per acre in 2016 to 2.44 tons per acre in 2017. For alfalfa and alfalfa-grass mixtures, the average yield declined from 3.45 tons per acre in 2016 to 3.32 tons per acre in 2017.

How much is an acre of alfalfa worth?

In this example, the standing value for the entire alfalfa field could range from $230 to $360/acre for the entire growing season. Keep in mind ownership costs can run $300- 400/acre when the seller considers lost rent, establishment costs and top-dress fertilizer to maintain soil fertility.

How many 4×5 round bales of hay per acre?

In general, you can get as much as 5 large rounded hays that have weigh 1000 lbs. each, per acre on average. Some farmers also give a rough estimate of 100 s??

How much does it cost per acre to plant alfalfa?

Alfalfa has to be planted at around 25 pounds per acre if I remember correctly. A 50 pound bag of seed is around $200 last I heard a few years back, so $100 an acre just for seed. Probably $120-150 per acre including tillage costs.

Is there money in growing alfalfa?

Increased profits from alfalfa—Top dairymen know alfalfa is their most profitable crop. The high yield of high quality forage results in the greatest milk or meat production per acre of any forage. In two of those years, individual farmers pro- duced more than 10 tons of alfalfa per acre.

How much does it cost to plant 1 acre of alfalfa?

How much does alfalfa sell for?

The latest USDA Agricultural Prices report pegged alfalfa at $181 per ton, which was also $2 per ton above one year ago. The average price for alfalfa hay still stands at $23 per ton below its 2019 high of $204 during May.

How many bales of hay can you get on one acre?

100 bales
With an average bale weight of around 40 pounds (with our Abbriata small square baler or any of our mini round balers), that’s 100 bales to the acre for a first cutting.

How much does it cost to plant 5 acres of alfalfa?

What is an acre of alfalfa worth?

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