How long are UC personal insight questions?

How long are UC personal insight questions?

You must respond to only 4 of the 8 questions. Each response is limited to a maximum of 350 words. Which questions you choose to answer is entirely up to you: But you should select questions that are most relevant to your experience and that best reflect your individual circumstances.

How long should UC personal statements be?

The personal statement is made up of two required prompts. You have up to 1,000 words to answer both required prompts. You may allocate the word count as you wish, but each response should be a minimum of 250 words. Use a word processing program to write your responsesdon’t type them directly into the application.

Is UC Berkeley harder than UCLA?

Both are Public, 4 or more years schools. UC Berkeley has more expensive tuition & fees ($44,007) than UCLA ($42,994). It is harder to admit to UCLA than UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley has higher submitted SAT score (1,415) than UCLA (1,415).

What day do UC decisions come out?

March 31

What UC decisions come out?

UC Decisions Become AvailableUC Berkeley. A batch of early decisions was released on February 7; regular decisions will become available at MAP@Berkeley on Ma (confirmed – see under “Janu”).UC Davis. UC Irvine. UCLA. UC Merced. UC Riverside. UC San Diego. UC Santa Barbara.

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