How is Judge Danforth characterized?

How is Judge Danforth characterized?

Governor Danforth represents rigidity and an over-adherence to the law in The Crucible. Danforth is clearly an intelligent man, highly respected and successful. He arrives in Salem to oversee the trials of the accused witches with a serene sense of his own ability to judge fairly.

How does Danforth protect his reputation?

In Act Four, when it becomes clear that the allegations of witchcraft are completely false, Danforth refuses to see the truth. He hangs innocent people to avoid sullying his own reputation.

What is Judge Danforth most afraid of?

He was terrified that his name would be associated with witchcraft. So, his zealousy in helping the courts helps to alleviate that possibility. Then, add to that the following: if they were wrong in judging all of those people, then their careers are over–especially Danforth’s.

What happened to Judge Danforth?

Danforth died in Cambridge on Novem.

Who is taken to jail at the end of act three?

Who is taken to jail at the end of Act Three? John Proctor – admits to his affair with Abigail Williams to prove that she is not a reliable witness. He exposes his sins and risks condemnation by the Puritans. He is sent to jail.

What is Danforth motivated by?

Miller suggested Danforth was important because he helped define and defend the boundaries of society, the rules that people lived by. His character, Miller said, is driven by the idea that mankind must be protected from knowledge, an idea that Miller characterized as believing that “evil is good.”

Does Danforth believe in witchcraft?

For Danforth, the truth of the accusations of witchcraft are only relevant as it reflects on the integrity of the court. In this way, Danforth’s belief or disbelief in witchcraft itself is immaterial. He only cares about the integrity of the authority of the court.

Why does Elizabeth lie to Danforth?

Elizabeth still loves her husband and wants to protect him. She, in part, blames herself for the affair. She also wants Proctor to admit his own sin rather than she condemning him.

Why is Judge Danforth responsible for the trials?

Judge Danforth is responsible because he is not concerned about justice, all he cares about is being correct about the witch trials. Lastly Thomas Putnam is guilty of causing the witch trials because he was able to have people accuse other people…show more content…

How does Judge Danforth abuse his power?

Danforth demonstrates an abuse of power, dominating the court by their fear of being accused of witchcraft, or of being condemned for contempt of the court. He bullies them into confessing, threatening them with death or jailing if they don’t.

What is Danforth’s role in the proceedings?

Danforth, as we are told in some background information in act three, is the Deputy Governor of the colony. He is, evidently, the chief magistrate in the trials as a result of his position, and people present themselves and their evidence directly to him.

Why does Danforth refuse to stop the proceedings?

Why does Danforth refuse to postpone the hangings? Danforth refuses to postpone the hangings because it would admit some wrongdoing or doubt, a “floundering” on their part and it would also cast doubt on the executions and condemnations of the who have already been hanged.

What is John’s excuse for confessing to witchcraft?

He was pressed to death in an attempt to make him reveal his source’s name. What is John’s excuse for confessing? John feels like he is damned no matter what. He already sinned by having an affair with Abigail, so who cares if he sins again by lying?

What does Hale say is God’s most precious gift?

Life, woman, life is God’s most precious gift; no principle, however glorious, may justify the taking of it. I beg you, woman, prevail upon your husband to confess.

What two things can elizabeth not do for John?

What two things does Elizabeth say she is unable to do for John? She cannot judge John or forgive him. Why does Danforth want a written confession from Proctor? It will travels the courts power and persuade others to confess.

What happened to Abigail and Mercy Lewis?

What has happened to Abigail and Mercy Lewis? They stole Parris’s money and ran away.

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