How do you write a boring topic?

How do you write a boring topic?

Here are seven secrets to help you write content about your boring topic and turn your blog posts into a reader magnet.Discover your audience’s hot buttons. Concentrate on the subjects in which your audience is interested. Focus on your audience. Find an enticing hook. Tell a story. Write human.

How do you create engaging content?

10 Secrets to Creating Engaging Content that Will Attract ReadersDiversify your content. Use subheadings. Embrace brevity. Don’t overlook keywords. Have a voice. Come up with interesting titles. Make it shareable. Write stories.

How can I be an interesting talker?

Read on for ways to convince other people — and more importantly, yourself — that you’re a fascinating human being.Develop new skills. Be curious. Learn how to tell a good story. Have three good stories ready to share. Listen and show compassion. Ask good questions. Say what you think. Follow your interests.

How do you talk brilliantly?

13 Techniques for Becoming a Brilliant ConversationalistBe Present. Sometimes it’s hard to silence your thoughts while talking to others, but that means you’re not being present with those around you. Ask How You Can Help. Don’t Ask About Someone’s Job. Know Your Audience. Test Everything. Be Vulnerable and Share Challenges. Give, Give, Give. Remember Their Name.

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