How do you spend your time outside of school?

How do you spend your time outside of school?

Ask around and get involved in a before- or after-school club or activity that’s worthwhile to you! Whether you prefer to volunteer with a religious organization, counsel kids at summer camp, or walk dogs at an animal shelter, non-school-sponsored activities are just as fun and meaningful, so give them a try.

What activities do you do outside of school?

Student activities outside of schoolLeisure activitiesMean number of hours per school dayProportion spending more than 2 hours (%)Playing computer games1.0 (0.02)15Playing or talking with friends1.7 (0.03)31Doing jobs at home1.3 (0.03)20Playing sports1.7 (0.03)303

What is a 1st generation college student?

First-generation can be defined in different ways, Whitley says, but generally speaking, the term refers to students from families in which their parents did not earn a four-year degree. According to an NCES report from 2018, recent figures show a third of college students are first-generation.

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