How do I write my first article?

How do I write my first article?

How To Write Your First ArticleTitle. Your title should indicate to the reader what the article is about. Introduction. You should dedicate one paragraph for the introduction. Main Content. Conclusion. Author Resource Box – Always give yourself credit for being the author of the article.

Can I write on medium for free?

No, you do not need to be a paying member to write for Medium. Writing for Medium is free.

Does medium pay well?

Most writers who publish at least one story on Medium per month generate some money. INearly 8% of active writers earned over $100 in July 2019, Medium reported. Medium attracts well over 220 million monthly users — putting it in the ranks of other large sites such as Spotify and Pinterest.

Is writing on medium worth it?

Next to the earnings, writing on Medium is great for a couple of reasons, but the most important has to be their global reach. On Medium, you don’t need to build your own platform–Medium has millions of readers from all over the world to read your content (supposing it’s well-written and gets curated).

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