How do I redeem Sahara Mutual Funds?

How do I redeem Sahara Mutual Funds?

  1. Website : E-mail : [email protected]
  2. Redemption Request Form.
  3. Please use separate form for each scheme.
  4. Date, Time/ISC and Number as per Time Stamping Machine.
  5. Folio No. :
  6. Scheme & Option :____________________________________________

Why did the Sahara Group fail?

India’s Supreme Court in 2012 ruled that Sahara group companies violated securities laws and illegally raised over $3.5 billion. The companies said monies were raised in cash from millions of Indians who could not avail banking facilities.

How do I check my Sahara account online?

Visit the official website of Sahara India Life at On the top right corner of the homepage, you can find the button customer’s login. Once you click on this button, a new page will open requesting your username and password.

Is Sahara returning money?

This amount stood at Rs 21,770.70 crore as of March 31, 2020. Sahara was eventually asked to deposit an estimated Rs 24,000 crore with Sebi for further refund to investors, though the group always maintained it amounted to “double payment” as it had already refunded more than 95 per cent of investors directly.

Is Sahara giving money?

In February 2020, the minister of state for finance told parliament that the Sahara group has deposited only Rs15,448.67 crore with the ‘Sebi-Sahara Refund’ account, of which it has been able to refund only Rs109. Innumerable police complaints have been filed all over the country; but Sahara is not making any payments.

Is it safe to deposit money in Sahara?

The Sahara Credit Cooperative Society is not regulated by SEBI or RBI. As such, if you are not comfortable with the safety of your capital invested in Sahara Credit Cooperative Society, you should immediately discontinue your investments and take recourse to all the measures necessary to ensure your capital safety.

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