How can we stop excessive use of fertilizers?

How can we stop excessive use of fertilizers?

ICAR recommends soil test based balanced and integrated nutrient management through conjunctive use of both inorganic and organic sources of plant nutrients to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, preventing deterioration of soil health, environment and contamination of groundwater.

What will you suggest to a farmer to Minimise the use of fertilizers?

The use of chemical fertilizers can be reduced by introducing beneficial microorganisms like mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilizers and plant growth promoting rhizomicroorganisms (PGPR) to sustain plant productivity, improve nutrient availability for plants and maintain soil health.

What can farmers do besides the use of fertilizers to ensure that their crops are getting enough nitrogen to thrive?

“For most farmers, the only potential nitrogen alternatives (to inorganic fertilizers) include planting legumes as winter cover crops (which can deplete soil moisture needed for the primary crop) or applying animal manures (which are not available in all production areas).

How can we reduce pesticides and fertilizers?

What can you do to minimize pesticide exposure?

  1. Buy organic and locally grown fruit and vegetables.
  2. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating.
  3. Know which fruits and vegetables have higher levels of pesticide residue.
  4. Grow your own produce.
  5. Use non-toxic methods for controlling insects in the home and garden.

What is intercropping how it is helpful for farmers?

Intercropping involves cultivating two or more crops in a field simultaneously. Intercropping may also help to control weeds and pests. Intercropping is a sustainable practice that can improve resource-use efficiency, such as nutrients and water, allowing low input agricultural practices.

How can we reduce pesticide?

How can we improve organic farming?

Organic farming methods like composting, mulching, and using bio-fertilizers will help promote healthy crop growth, as well as soil richness. Vermicomposting is another excellent method of introducing important nutrients into the soil naturally.

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