Game Of Thrones’ Natalia Tena Is Highly Disappointed By Season 8’s Finale, ‘Felt Like It Was Written By Different People’

After the release of the final and eighth season of Game of Thrones, fans have mixed feelings about the whole series. Many fans have expressed their not so good feelings towards the last three episodes of the very much loved Game of Thrones.

The actress Natalie Tena also expressed that she was utterly disappointed with the way the series was concluded. Natalie Tena played the role of Osha, the wilding. She recently appeared on Yahoo’s White Wine Question Time Podcast. Tena revealed that she enjoyed it when Arya Stark stabs and kills the Night King. Natalie was disappointed with the upcoming episodes. She said that she felt like different writers had come together to write the rest of the episodes.

Her exact words were, “I liked it to the bit where she stabs him in the heart. I liked it up to then. However, after that, I just feel like – I just didn’t understand! The caliber of writing in the end and the plot and everything that happens and how they wrapped it up to compared to any other season, any other bit, it just feels like it has been written by different writers. It doesn’t make sense, for me.”

She added that she was so disappointed that she kept on ranting about the plot to her boyfriend. He had to leave when he could not take it anymore.

Looks like she was on the side of the disappointed fans when it came to the ending of the series.

The series received a lot of backlashes and a ton of criticism for the way it approached the conclusion of the series. Fans went to the extent of filing a petition for reshooting the season eight of Game of Thrones. The number of people who signed the petition went up to a large number of 1.7 billion people. This shows that Game of Thrones left a considerable part of fans disappointed with the ending.


Commenting on this, Tena said that although she didn’t like the ending, she wouldn’t go to the extent of signing a petition.

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