Fast and Furious 9 Shooting Still on A Halt After Brutal On-Set Accident with Vin Diesel’s Stunt Double, Details Inside.

An incident that took place at the Warner Bros studios in Leavesden on 22nd July Monday, has left everyone at the Fast and Furious 9 crew shocked and sad. 

The ninth part of the famous Hollywood movie series Fast and Furious’ shooting was halted by the production team due to the severe injury of Joe Watts, Vin Diesel’s stunt double. 

About the accident

According to sources, Joe Watts fell from a height of nine meters while shooting a balcony scene. The stunt double jumped from the balcony with safety wire, unaware of the fact that the wire was broken. 

The initial plan was for the stunt man to come down hanging through the wire while landing on the ground safely. However, things didn’t go as planned and Joe fell on his head. While Joe was admitted to the hospital immediately, the shooting for the movie was postponed. The doctors later reported he went to a state of come. 

Joe Watts has showcased his impeccable stunts in different popular Hollywood movies in the past including Mission Impossible, Spiderman, Jurassic World, and Kingsman, etc. Last, he was seen on Game of Thrones, a hit HBO series. 

By the time this report is being written, there is no updated information about Joe. 

What Vin Diesel Feels about the Incident 

After the incident, actor Vin Diesel is at a state of shock and is unable to accept what has happened. Various reports claim following the incident, Vin is calling it quits and will no longer be a part of the movie. Rumors also state that Vin is leaving the entire franchise as it has accursed his entire belief system.

This is not the first time that such an incident took place in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Back in 2002, a similar incident occurred with Harry O’Connor, the former stunt double of Vin Diesel.

The shooting place has been seized since then and it was marked as a crime scene for further investigation. Shooting for the movie has been postponed and there is no definite time mentioned about when it will resume. Now that indeed is bad news for the fans across the world.


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