Do you spell out ages?

Do you spell out ages?

Follow these rules for writing ages: Write out ages one to nine. Use numerals for ages 10 and older. Ages noted in years and months should be written in numerals.

How do you write years in Chicago style?

Write the day of the month as a cardinal number (e.g., April 18, not April 18th). Month and year (Chicago 8.39) are written in the sequence month-year with no internal punctuation (e.g., April 1993). Centuries and decades (Chicago 8.40) should be spelled out in lowercase letters (e.g. ninth century, twentieth century).

How do you write numbers in Chicago style?

Chicago Manual of StyleSpell out numbers zero through one hundred.Use numerals for numbers over one hundred.Spell out certain round numerals, specifically: whole numbers one through one hundred followed by hundred, thousand, or hundred thousand), except in monetary amounts or percents.

How Do You Spell 2019?

Write out the year in words, using different letter cases: lowercase, UPPERCASE, Title Case and Sentence case.lowercase: Both American and British English: the year twenty nineteen ; UPPERCASE: Both American and British English: the year TWENTY NINETEEN ; Title Case: Sentence case:

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