Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson, Here’s Every Thing You Should Know About The Budding Couple

The recent and probably the newest addition to the rumored couples is the adorable looking duo Cara Delevingne and Ashly Benson. Fans cannot stop swooning over probably the cutest looking rumored couple.

The rumor seems to be confirmed by the latest paparazzi clicked pictures of Cara and Ashley kissing each other at Heathrow airport in London. Although, this relationship was unexpected and caught us off guard, yet people are accepting them with open arms and supporting them.

Cara has always been vocal about her interests and sexual preferences. She had already revealed that she loved both the genders and could develop a romantic interest in any of them. Ashly Benson had not given any statements towards her sexual orientation and her interests.

It wasn’t the first time when the cutest homosexual couple was spotted together spending quality time. Earlier in May 2018, Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne were seen together with Cara’s then-girlfriend Paris Jackson. Their friendship intensified, and Ashley shared a selfie of the two on her Instagram. A random person who happened to be sitting beside the duo witnessed them making out during the Saturday Night Live. They went away from the limelight for two months, which made fans speculating if they were a thing or not. Before anyone could reach the conclusion of a ‘No,’ they surfaced on social media again posting pictures with each other, keeping the fire alive.

The rumors were still a doubt before we got to have an unofficial confirmation by the two through a picture clicked by paparazzi. On August 14, 2018, Ashley was seen wearing a monogram of C when the kissing pictures surfaced.


Although there was some cliché ex drama on Twitter by Paris Jackson over her ex-girlfriend, Cara now everything seems going on well. The social media fam seems very happy with the out-of-nowhere couple.

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